I’ll be back soon

I promise.

Just working on my Top Secret Project.

In the meantime, thought I’d share my new year’s resolutions with you. I don’t normally make them, because what’s the point, right? But these two are EXCELLENT (if I do say so myself).

1. Eat more dumplings.

2. Drink more Dark and Stormy cocktails.

What have you got?

19 responses to “I’ll be back soon

  1. We must have a Dark and Stormy date! I love those friggin things.

  2. Those are indeed excellent resolutions! Might borrow number one from you. I don’t usually do resolutions either but this year I have a complete 20 page master plan – THE OVERHAUL. Very exciting stuff.

  3. I’m stealing the dumplings thing! 1. no meetings before 10am 2. try to quit smoking*

    *I don’t smoke.

  4. What a coincidence, I recently resolved to drink more champagne. So far it’s going nicely.

  5. I have just applied to go back to uni, so my NY resolutions are to do as well as I did last year. In 2012 I enrolled to do a Grad. Dip IT (despite having almost zero knowledge of any IT stuff – I didn’t even know what HTML was and so on).
    I managed to get a Di minimum for all my units so I am bursting with pride and exhaustion.
    So I am going back to try and get a Masters of Technology, which is a bit of a made-up-degree, half-way between a GDIT and a MIT.

    Also – my resolutions are –
    1. commenting more on blogs again
    2. Getting better at Administrative Hygiene and financial management.
    3. Saving mah parenting pension (hor hor, sardonic laugh) for a newer car OR newer motor for my actual car.
    4. Getting somewhat fitter.

    Looking forward to reading more NWN this year! I have missed you!

    • Aww, thanks. I felt like I haven’t had much to say these last few months. I also need to be better at commenting on blogs this year. I’ve just been faffing around in my own little part of the internet (here and twitter).

      Nice work on the distinctions! You should be bursting with pride.

      (I don’t know what administrative hygiene is, but it reminds me that I need to tap my keyboard upside down.)

  6. Administrative Hygiene is dealing with paperwork and school notes and bills and ringing people to book things on time, and keeping up with car maintenance and filling out forms and going to see solicitors about property settlements and ALL THAT.

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