Old memes as new news

Thank goodness we have News Ltd websites to tell us that slut shaming is a new trend perpetuated by girls on the internet. Because without their investigative journalists, how would we know about a meme that was popular in July 2012?

The story is MEME GIRLS: The sorry trend of ‘s— shaming’. That’s slut shaming not – as I first thought – shit shaming, which is something else altogether. “Oh honey, you really need to eat more fibre”.

News.com.au story on six-month-old meme

Slut shaming is a hot new trend, as reported by News.com.au

THERE’S some serious girl-on-girl crime happening all over the internet.

Women are posting memes ridiculing their peers for the way they dress and the make-up they wear.

The story – all five sentences of it – is one of the worst examples of journalism that I’ve seen in a long time. Sure, everyone’s still in holiday mode, but this story is appallingly lazy.

Firstly, it’s a story about a new trend on the internet that doesn’t contain a single link to evidence of this trend. (It doesn’t contain any links at all.)

Secondly, one of the images used as evidence of girls slut shaming each other is a captioned photo of a young women telling “citizens” to wear deodorant. Um…

Thirdly, only one of the photos has a credit (a vague “tumblr”), which is incredibly poor form.

And finally, if the journalist had done a basic search (you know, used a second source) they’d find Know Your Meme, which reveals that this meme had its day in the middle of last year – which is decades in meme time – and that the parodies were bigger than the original.

If you’re going to write about a six-month-old meme, then at least write something more intelligent/useful than just five sentences of “oooh, sluts! Sluts! I get to write SLUTS in my news story!”.

As for “happening all over the internet”? The vast majority of slut shaming and abuse that happens on the internet is perpetuated by men against women. But never let the truth get in the way of yet another story about women being mean to other women.

16 responses to “Old memes as new news

  1. I’m not even sure what that is…. It’s almost a first draft copy of a suggestion of an idea for an article…. I’d like to think they published by accident!

  2. yes an appalling effort all around. saw the ‘headline’ thought it was just some sort of click bait so ignored it. did not realise that i had read the entire article!!! which is why people say ‘is your news limited?”

    anyway have another fun year of fighting the man (literally and figuratively)

  3. holiday was lovely and quiet, and then everything in tassieland caught on fire. but we are in a sheltered spot so i count myself lucky. if your readers want info or to donate, this page seems to aggregating all that info. http://www.dpac.tas.gov.au/news_and_features/bushfire_recovery

  4. Michael Boswell

    This looks like News Limited version on the pair of boobs that appeared on page 3 of some of the cheaper British dailies. News is promoting the morose pleasure of some 50 year old male perverts knowing that some young woman is sexually loose enough for them to score whilst the same males can take the high ground and condemn her for her immorality. Ok, some old men might think they have a chance if they get her tipsy first. Or at least their sons would get the leg over! And it all her fault, for she should be as sexually active as the Virgin Mary and not their sons … or their imaginations.

    There is a difference. Yes, both enjoy sex but whilst their sons are just doing what healthy ‘boys’ do, the ‘girls’ are simply sluts. Just News with its normal hypocrisy!

  5. Wetting myself laughing at “sht-shaming”.

    • Can you imagine? Someone busts into your bathroom just after you’ve gone to see a man about a horse, takes a photo, and posts it online with a witty caption about what you’ve been eating.

  6. I hate the shaming bit. You want to pick on movie stars? It comes with the job, same for celebrities. But, picking on people who are not hurting anyone is wrong and dangerous. See my post: http://kindredspirit23.wordpress.com/2012/11/05/its-just-plain-wrong-and-i-am-really-psd/
    Sorry for jumping on that so much. It’s bullying that really bothers me the most.

  7. There’s probably room for an irregular verb here: I’m a bit of a lad, you’re promiscuous, she’s a slut.

    I’m sick of the vapid rubbish that passes for news in the legacy media – I haven’t read a newspaper for years, nor do I look at their websites (and don’t miss it at all).

    • But lots of people do, which is why it’s important to keep talking about this stuff. And the mainstream media plays an important role in democracy – even if they do a very poor job of it.

  8. …there was a piece on (unnamed TV show, blog or website, I CAN’T REMEMBER) about women hating women, presenting a series of stats showing that sites (esp on FB) where women hate women are on the rise. That women are vicious in their hatred of other women. They’re a different species, though, and should be approached with caution.

    • And I “love” how those articles are generally used to say “see, women are their own worst enemies”, so therefore we don’t need to worry about genuine equality because women are just bitches. Some days I hate the MSM.

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