The 60th Down Under Feminists Carnival

Welcome everyone to the 60th Down Under Feminists Carnival!

International symbol for women, with the Southern Cross inside it.

The DUFC is a monthly round-up of some of the best online writing in Australian and New Zealand. It’s hosted by a different blogger each month, and April 2013 means we’re up to 60. Pretty sure that means you all have to give me diamonds.

So, make yourself a cup of tea and put on your reading pants, because TA DA!

Bodies – what we put on them, how we feel about them
How to lose the body judgement by Kath at Fat Heffalump:

“I was thinking a lot about the self hatred that so many women project on to others on these comment threads, either individually or fat women in general, and what really strikes me is that we’re never actually taught how to NOT judge people.”

Friday Frock: Compare and Contrast by meganwegan at Craft is the New Black.
Pics or it didn’t happen by Rachel Hills at Musings of an Inappropriate Woman.
Despite the gym we are fatter than ever by Mindy at Hoyden About Town.
Musings on 35 part 2: The personal “body shame” issue by Utopiana at Rantings of an Aboriginal Feminist.

Sex and relationships
The fcukless zip and Tony Abbott by Jennifer at No Place For Sheep.
Relationship phrases we should probably retire by Can Be Bitter.
Sexless frumps by Mindy at Hoyden About Town.
Who’s the man? by Rebecca Shaw at The King’s Tribune.

Media – stuff in it, stuff about it
Fairfax’s sense of gender balance by Wendy Bacon.
Real beauty? by Awesome Frances at Corpulent:

“This Dove ad tells us is that it is also not enough to be merely beautiful, you have to know it too.”

The Official Lady #QandA drinking game by Eliza Cussen at Fit it, Dear Henry.
Women writers, ‘brands’, and the politics of the personal by Sarah at Maintain the Beige.
Each woman must be assessed by me, here.

No girls allowed by Deborah at A Bee of a Certain Age.
ANZAC Day and religious rhetoric by Chally at Zero at the Bone.

Violence and harassment
Can we please stop comparing rape to mugging? by Can Be Bitter.
Sex Offence Sentencing: Are sentences for sex offences appropriate? by Holly at Confessions of a Stuffed Olive.
Being in public while female by Jo at A Life Unexamined.
Women as public property by Jessamy at You Are Doing That Wrong.
NSW Police and the vigilance warnings by me at The King’s Tribune.

In defence of mummy blogging by Cristy at Larvatus Prodeo.
Framing the judginess of Plunket by Deborah at A Bee of a Certain Age.

Politics and society
On the politics of criminalising the persecuted by Jennifer at No Place For Sheep.
I am not a widget: privatisation of social services by El Gibbs at bluntshovels.
The Greens hate fat people too by QoT at Ideologically Impure.
So it turns out political candidates are legally allowed to lie to you by Eliza Cussen at Junkee:

If voters want to make the informed decision required of them in a successful democracy, it is up to each of them to Google every claim made in every election ad, and fact check them before deciding their vote.

Piers Akerman – Dinosaur Extraordinaire by Chrys Stevenson at Gladly, the Cross-Eyed Bear.
The challenges of being a Muslim woman in a multicultural society by Ghena Krayem at Right Now.
Voluntary segregation by Anjum Rahman at Stargazer.
The Politics of Exclusion by Stella Young at Ramp Up.

Is the corpse of feminism revived and stirring? by Tatum Street at lipmag.
Elite feminism. Who is it good for? by Jennifer at No Place For Sheep.
The fantasy of women’s collective historical identity by Chally at Zero at the Bone.
Deadly Bloggers Challenge Week 15: Dear Concerned Feminists by Sarah Jane Innes at Sarah’s World of Procrastination.
Some women want to stay home with children and feminism needs to make peace with that by Andie at Blue Milk.

Great posts that didn’t neatly fit other categories
Vale Chrissy Amphlett by Kath at Fat Heffalump.
Attention, Whore! by Jessica Alice at Hersute.
The Tale of the Feminist and the Pop-Culture Convention by Jo at A Life Unexamined.
Songs I Listen To While Running #3: “Bad Reputation”, Joan Jett by Can Be Bitter.
And, of course, The Australian Cat Ladies.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who wrote the posts and sent me posts, and to Rebecca D and Chally for their help. Eddy at Maybe it means nothing is hosting the next carnival. Submissions to wilddamon [at] gmail [dot] com or the blogcarnival submissions page. If you’d like to host the DUFC, contact Chally at Zero at the Bone.

Update 6 May:
Oops, forgot to include a couple of links.

Retro arguments & division by Amy Gray at Pesky Feminist:

If articles continue to present feminists and stay at home women as different or in opposition, it presents the truly bizarre notion that women can only be one or the other, incapable of nuance or being a whole or complex person capable of multiple choices, talents and desires.

Why media gender equality matters by Violeta Politoff at New Matilda.

14 responses to “The 60th Down Under Feminists Carnival

  1. Fantastic line up this month, thanks for putting it all together. A thrill, as always, to be included.

    • Thanks Mindy. It feels like it’s a big carnival this month. Maybe last time I had more categories, so put 3-4 in each?

      I love the DUFC and that this is just a selection of posts that have been written in the last four weeks. Sometimes I think the internet is powered by Doctor Who, cats, and feminists.

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  4. Thank you so much for your excellent efforts. You always seem to come up with a lot of variety!

  5. Awesome carnival as usual!!

  6. Thanks heaps for a great carnival and for the include!

  7. great carnival, thank you so much!!

  8. Another top carnival, and thanks for the nominations!

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