The Adventures of Feminist Dad – Politics edition

Sorry that it’s even bodgier than usual. The scanner is borked so I had to take a photo of it. One day I’ll learn how to do this properly.

Feminist Dad

Feminist Dad makes you angry? Read this first.

20 responses to “The Adventures of Feminist Dad – Politics edition

  1. Some of those people gleefully holding up ‘Bob Brown’s Bitch” placards must have had families and even children.
    How can you seriously think that is a good example?

  2. I was saying to myself just the other day, “I bet ‘Feminist dad’ will have something to say about Gillard.”
    And behold.
    I’m still so bitter, I have to mute KRudd every time he appears.
    He was wearing a blue tie the first day. I know it was on purpose.

    • Oh, it’s absolutely on purpose. I am SO ANGRY that he’s been rewarded for tearing apart the party and undermining the PM for three years. And then for him to be launching an ad campaign pretending that he’s above petty politics. What an arsewipe.

      launching a national advertising campaign portraying himself as a leader seeking to rise above petty, negative politics

      • I’m kind of hoping that Abbott doesn’t get his ultimate reward for the sickmakingly divisive, low, policy-vacuum, ridiculous-sense-of-entitlement politics that he has been playing. I sincerely hope there are Liberal politicians biding their time to make a break away from this culture.

        • Gawd, we really need to keep him out of the Lodge, don’t we?

          • I am sunk so low in despair I am toying with the notion we deserve Abbott as PM.
            Might be time for professional help. I wonder if there’s been a upsurge in people seeking therapy right now.

            • I hear ya. Part of me wants the Coalition to win so I can yell “see, you fuckwits, this is what you wanted, are you happy now, no, no you’re not, what a surprise”. But then I’d have to put up with a Coalition Government just for the chance to say one sentence.

  3. I think Gillard’s treatment was disgraceful and I think Rudd has been a slimebag for the last 3 years. But I think there is a bigger threat in our midst which I personally have to remind myself about when I start getting ranty about the Rudd/Gillard thing. Tony Abbott frightens the bejesus out of me. It is scary to think what could happen to this country if he gets elected as PM.

    • Oh yes! And not just Abbott – Hockey, Pyne, Mirabella, Bishop, Morrison, Hunt.

      • Honestly, is Labour going to be all that different?
        Krudd swept into power in ’07 and everyone cheered and we got exactly the same policies as those John Howard got voted out for. We are still detaining refugee children. No climate change policies. Intervention in indigenous communities. (Nice apology though, Kev.)
        I’m hoping for another minority government: let’s see Krudd or Abbott get anything done while dealing with Hanson, Catter and Palmer. (Apocalypse? Bring it on!)
        I mentioned my bitterness, didn’t I?

  4. outragedofmarrickville

    I’ve read a lot of interesting articles recently about the prospect of Abbott being a do nothing PM (a la Fraser). Also quite conflicted with his party platform and ideology ( which he is on many policies cos of his Santa Maria roots and not necessarily being a free market small gov ideologue like Howard was (again lots of evidence on this policy choice wise over the years). It’s hard to know which Abbott he’ll be cos it is that social conservatism that scares us the most but maybe it’ll never eventuate. Who knows, it’s been interesting trying to think of him from other angles. Either way I still don’t want him or half his party holding the reins, there are some real rat bags in amongst them (as listed above). Poor pickings for us voters hey.

  5. Can you do a version of Fem Dad based on Tony Abbott? You know – the one where his wife and daughters trot out to be interviewed and proselytise about his apparent good nature while he stands out front of Parliament in front of those dreaded Ju-liar placards supporting a hateful campaign against our then Prime Minister? Am I then to suppose that, well, he is ‘good-natured’ to his own family? Well f* me! What a hero! A good dose of Catholicism has not endeared this former seminarian to the rest of womanhood, only his own family; what a guy. Or the one where his sister smiles bleakly into the camera in another interview trying to explain that despite her brother not acknowledging her loving, same-sex relationship she respects his denial of that same relationship? Are they both dumb? Ok – don’t answer that. (Feminist Dad does not extend femmo sentiment to sibling? Not such a long shot). Or maybe the one where he tells a running member of his party what a good sort she is in and introductory electoral candidate media interview? Pass me a bucket dude.

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