It’s International Women’s Day.

So, instead of reading yet another fucking article about Why I Am A Feminist or Is This Woman A Feminist – which is still just making women argue amongst ourselves, putting the Feminists on one side and the Not-Feminists on the other – you should read these two pieces:

All about able women at Blunt Shovels

I was told I needed to ask about accessibility in private, out of the public eye. Perhaps I am not part of the public? A disabled woman couldn’t possibly be made welcome by publicising how easy it would be for her to take part.


I don’t effing care if you call yourself a feminist or not, at No Place For Sheep:

I have a dream. In my dream every woman with a public voice just for once refuses these speaking and writing engagements and instead throws her weight behind a National Day of Mourning on March 8, for the women world-wide, and particularly in Australia because this is our homeland where we can best have influence, who are murdered and abused by intimate partners, as well as the children who witness and suffer.

Why aren’t we angry enough?

6 responses to “IWD

  1. Fiona Larnach

    Hope you have your head down! Not long to go now … Hope you have a productive week 🙂

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  2. I’ve spent the last few weeks getting hot under the collar about a certain grey film and every year make a point of saying that there’s something very wrong if we still need an international women’s day, so I was delighted to read your post. Why not an international pot plant day while we’re at it? Grrrr.

    • The posts by Blunt Shovels and No Place For Sheep sum up the problem with where we are now. The last few years have been great for getting feminism into the public conversation, but for most of it, it’s just about navel-gazing. Like NPFS, I couldn’t give a shit about whether or not each woman publicly identifies as a feminist. Getting all women to own the label isn’t the goal we should be aiming for.

  3. Hi Kim,

    Did you see the plug I gave you in my most recent newsletter Network News?

    I’ll send it again by separate email.

    BTW, did I tell you I was the author of “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle”!

    Warm wishes,


    IRINA DUNN Director ID Consultancy Australian Writers Network ID Editing and Publishing Consultancy Mobile: 0403 48 63 63 Email: irinadid@ozemail.com.au Website: http://www.irinadunn.com.au


    • Hi Irina, I knew that quote was from you. I saw someone using it just a few days ago and thought of you. Didn’t see the plug (my inbox is out of control at the moment), but thank you!

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