A new study reveals that men’s and women’s sexuality is directly linked to how quickly they stand up


Scientists have found that “owls“were far more depraved than”larks“.

“Owls” and “larks” are like cats and dogs, vegetarians and carnivores, Android or Apple. Something very deep and personal.

Thus, American scientists recently decided to add fuel to the fire of the difficult relationship between lovers of early pickers and late pickers. The blow was struck, as they say, below the belt. Scientists have studied the sex life of “owls” and “larks”.

The researchers looked into the lives of the students as many have very vibrant sex lives. 500 people from the University of Chicago (boys and girls) were questioned about their daily life and their sex life. They measured levels of cortisol, the stress hormone.

Cortisol was found to be increased in “owls” and lowered in “larks”. In addition, scientists have drawn other interesting conclusions, proving that the level of cortisol in girls is generally lower than in men, but in the “owl” students, it turns out, they came to almost the same male level. Subjects with elevated cortisol levels have been shown to be complete night owls, and are also found to lead a more varied, rich, and polygamous sex life in both males and females.

We find that girls, especially those with the interesting careers of being Escort Glasgow “Owls” tend to be “free-looking” and do not have constant relationships. While the “larks” are stable with their life partners. With age, this division only grows stronger. It turns out that the “larks” make a nest and raise a family, but in the meantime the “owls” go to parties, form short-term relationships and annoy honest “larks” with their instagrams. 🙂 The funny thing is that each side believes that their life is the happiest and most successful and there is nothing wrong either.

At the same time, find out what is more important for happiness – sex or money.

Finding happiness or having a vibrant sex life doesn’t mean you and your partner have to get out of bed and become night owls. Psychologists said that in the name of happiness, having sex around the clock is not necessary at all, why even every day is not necessary. So make yourself a coffee, read all your unread messages, walk your dog, and see what the scientists have to say about sex and happiness.

It is difficult to say why psychologists decided to seek happiness in relation to sex. After all, happiness can be found anywhere, for example, in beer. And on this subject, scientists also have their own point of view on this issue. They have already understood that beer can also make people happy. But that question is more or less for another article and another day to discuss, so let’s get back on topic and enjoy the pursuit of happiness through sex.

It seems that scientists have been studying the dependence of happiness on sex since the days of scientific invention. Otherwise, how to explain tons of research on this subject? Top researchers have generated many articles and books where they have deduced the axiom: more sex, more happiness, but the old psychologists have been replaced by others. They have sifted through the polls of thousands and thousands of people over the past 40 years to confirm or refute the claims of their predecessors. And we found that many couples don’t have sex every day and still feel happy.

In addition, the testimonials varied depending on the stage of the relationship in which the couples were. Psychologists have also destroyed another stereotype – that men want more sex and older people have less sex. The results show that no gender or age differences were found.

At the same time, it turned out that sex may be more closely associated with happiness than money. Researchers interviewed hundreds of men and women in long-term relationships. They were asked about annual income and sex regularity and found that those who have sex once a week are significantly happier than those who have sex once a month, regardless of income. Middle income people were about as happy as higher income people. In the end, whether you make a ton of money or not, whether you wake up early or wake up late, enjoy your life and maybe have a few sex sessions once in a while, who knows, that might make you a little happier!


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