Animal Collective Removes Artwork Featuring “Racist Stereotype”



Animal Collective apologized for using a “racist stereotype” in the cover of their 2006 EP, People, swapping her cover image as they launch their catalog on Bandcamp. The band also changed the title of their 2003 LP, Here is the Indian, at Ark.

“There’s no excuse for using a ‘mom’ in our artwork, so we’ve decided to remove it,” they wrote on Instagram of the original. People cover, which features a black woman and two white children. “We now understand that the use of a racist stereotype causes more damage than an explanation can repair, and we apologize for that.” They also pledged part of the royalties from the record to the Equal Justice initiative.

Thinking about the title of Here is the Indian, the band wrote: “With the utmost respect for the indigenous peoples, we believe that having the word Indian in the title of our record sends the wrong message by objectifying the Indian people of America, which is not what we wanted with the music. ” They direct part of the royalties of the new title Ark to the sowing of sovereignty.

All proceeds from Animal Collective’s Bandcamp on Friday July 3 will benefit Cultural Survival, Equal Justice Initiative, Seeding Sovereignty, Southerners on New Ground (SONG) and Project Okra. They also pledged an additional $ 10,000 split between these organizations.

In their article, the group also detailed their new EP, Bridge to calm, which they assembled in April and May from a series of improvisations recorded during the precious year. “We remixed them, pasted them and incorporated them into songs,” they wrote, adding that the “cathartic process” also prompted them to start another “new project in the same way”.

The majority of the band’s catalog is available on Bandcamp, including all of their LPs and digital debuts of several Deep Cuts.



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