Applications open for the 2022 Race and Sexuality Research Prize


Deadline: 31 Aug 22

Applications are now open for the 2022 Race and Sexuality Research Prize to encourage proposals focused on the following:

The Center for Positive Sexuality welcomes projects from a variety of approaches, disciplines, and research methodologies that connect facets of sexuality to Asian, Black, Indigenous, Latina, and other POC communities. Projects can be at any stage of the process to qualify.


The key elements of this model are:

  • “positive” refers to strengths, well-being and happiness;
  • multiple disciplines and methods for understanding sexuality are welcome;
  • individual sexuality is unique and multifaceted;
  • the application of professional ethics is necessary;
  • open and honest communication is necessary;
  • positive sexuality is humanizing and inclusive;
  • positive sexuality encourages the restoration of peace; and
  • it has applications at many levels of the social structure.
  • Research funding
  • Timely and clear communication
  • Research support from one or more of their volunteer research assistants (depending on availability)
  • Promoting your work through their website and social media
  • For projects that require IRB approval, assistance is available through their collaboration with the CARAS IRB
  • Opportunity to submit for publication in the Journal of Positive Sexuality
Responsibilities of winners

Award recipients will:

  • Use funding in a manner consistent with what was proposed in the budget
  • Provide photos and bios to help them promote your work
  • Ask the CPS about the progress of your research and how they can help you
  • Public Recognition of Center for Positive Sexuality Funding
Eligibility criteria

Proposals are welcome from scholars at all levels, including community members not affiliated with academic institutions, and anyone can apply. They welcome submissions from new researchers without a publication record. Scholars from marginalized communities are particularly encouraged to apply; do not hesitate to comment on your identities and their link with the work you are offering.

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