As I see it: racism and racists



As with so many general statements, the true meaning is found (or lost) in the reader’s mind. Some would have us believe that racism is present and infects every aspect of our lives and our society. Others will accept – as will I – that racism is one of the many issues impacting our lives and our society.

Earlier in the letter is this section: “Unfortunately, I am a ‘racist’ and I will not deny it again. … I am a racist because I am white and have had privileges… because of the policies and laws that favor my skin color.

This statement ignores logic and reasoning and attempts to shift blame and responsibility onto the present generations for the past behavior of our ancestors and their societal decisions. It’s about as inaccurate and lying as someone saying I’m a sexual predator because I’m a man.

If we are to resolve current issues and issues surrounding opportunities for all citizens, we need to focus on the real issues and not on our personal sensitivities and psychosocial needs.

In a later paragraph, the author states: “Systemic racism is rooted in discriminatory laws and policies.

Easy to say; much more difficult to prove. Over the past few weeks, I have read or heard so many statements that border on the ridiculous. Mathematics is racist. Requiring someone to show up for work on time is racist. Arresting people for crimes is racist. Standardized tests are racist – there is some validity here, but the tests themselves are not racist.

The real problems start with the family – the building blocks of society. When a child is born to a single mother, it is already late. No amount of social assistance, child care or other social programs will change that. A mother and father together can form the basis of a successful life.

If you’re a black kid with a single mom and no identifiable or current dad, it’s probably a lot worse. There is no societal cure to replace the real family!

Somehow our social scientists and educators have come to believe that they are better able to educate children than their parents. Unfortunately, our public education system seems to be more interested in being a politically correct institution of indoctrination at the expense of a well-balanced education.

One way or another, there is the brilliant idea that preschoolers through the early years should be exposed to sex education that seems to promote everything and every lifestyle that is in the world. far left encyclopedia. Is this really the first step in developing a productive and functional member of society?

How did we end up with so many “cupcakes” in our colleges and universities that are unable to handle minimal stress levels? I don’t think they learned to be like that at home.

Racism and being racist involves choices and actions; they are not simply states of being or emotion. It is not a sin to be white or rich or employed or intelligent. The sin is that if you are white, wealthy, employed, smart, or all of that, you should be allowed to discriminate against any person of color.

A healthy society that works together for the good of all must start from the bottom up; it will never happen from top to bottom.

I repeat, it will never happen from top to bottom. Did I mention this will never happen from top to bottom?

This is how I see it.



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