Banks and financial institutions tend to grant many Automotive Credits for various reasons: loyalty to customers, charging more interest than for a mortgage loan, offering answers to applicants (a car, an object easier to acquire than a home, for example).

Many of these companies also have websites where they publish their products, that is, their financing options and loans according to the needs of each person. You can use the credit calculator in order to have the detail of the amounts that can be obtained according to the salary, how much is the value of the installments, interest rates, etc.



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In addition, this platform is a good option to get exclusive promotions, which are not the same as if someone shows up at the bank or the financial company. It is possible to obtain an Automotive Credit in a matter of minutes, filling in the pre-registration form from the comfort of home or the office, when you have a free moment on the weekend or during the lunch hour.

If you enter a secure site (it is properly identified in one of the corners of the screen), there is no risk that our personal data will be used for fraud or other crimes. This is interesting to clarify, because many fear placing information on the internet.

Once the request is sent, an agent contacts the applicant and they finish closing the deal for the Automotive Credit, mostly in a personal way, that is, the client must approach the bank to present the corresponding documentation and sign. In addition, it is a good opportunity to consult all those questions that you have and leave nothing unforeseen.


Automotive Credits

Automotive Credits

Automotive Credits that start from the website have several advantages, among them: lower interest rates, discounted installments, pre-approval on the spot, convenience of filling out the form from a computer, possibility of comparing rates according to automatic calculations, among others. In this way, it is possible to buy a car obtaining the best conditions, without paying so many interests and that the monthly installments are in accordance with our needs and budget.

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