Bettina Rheims photography exhibit exploring gender and sexuality opens at McCalla School


The Kinsey Institute is hosting the “Bettina Rheims: All in One” exhibit at the McCalla School from noon to 7 p.m. Thursdays and at select times until November 9. This exhibition is a collection of works of art by Bettina Rheims as a French artist. and commercial photographer. She is recognized for her work illustrating the exploration of nudity, sexuality, gender and power.

The exhibition consists of 12 images exploring the concept of gender identity. The images deconstruct traditional societal-focused gender stereotypes and allow the viewer to see the subject as they have chosen to present themselves.

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“This decision they made, to present themselves as they chose to, empowers their presentation, and viewers can’t help but admire and wonder more about their lives,” said Alisha Beard, Engagement Coordinator for University Collections at IU. an email.

All of the images in the exhibition are from the Reims ‘Modern Lovers’ and ‘Espionnes’ series shot in Europe from 1989 to 1991 at the height of the AIDS crisis, and focus on the idea of ​​exploring gender.

“One of the most rewarding aspects of hosting the Reims exhibit is learning how people react to the images,” Brian Woodman, associate director of university collections at IU, said in an email. mail. “Some people focus on the beauty of the photographs, but others react very personally, seeing themselves reflected in those images.”

The exhibit not only features a line of images but also an interactive aspect, said Rebecca Fasman, curator at the Kinsey Institute. Fasman said the photo gallery also includes a separate reading nook with a question wall where viewers can read gender exploration stories, as well as share their own, and a free library with zines and other books. from the Kinsey Institute that focus on gender identity.

“And so, we’re always looking to capture more stories and learn more about humanity through our research and our collections,” Fasman said.

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The Reims photo gallery is one of many that the Kinsey Institute has curated. The institute hosts several collections that explore the concept of gender and sexuality in order to promote new thinking and discussion regarding these ideas.

Any questions regarding the gallery can be directed to [email protected]


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