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The Tipsy Rabbit is hungry

So we’re doin’ a night of food!

The Tipsy Rabbit is a writers’ event, with performances and food. It’s a fun night I put on with the wonderful Jen Shedden.

The next one is on Thursday 17th and we’re talking food. On the Tipsy Rabbit couch will be:

The gorgeous Kate Gibbs: food writer and author of The Thrifty Kitchen and After Toast, Kate also writes weekly food columns for Sunday Life magazine and Cosmopolitan magazine online. She was recently named by Madison as one of Australia’s Top 100 most inspiring women.

The fabulous Kumar Pereira: he’s the author of Kumar’s Family Cookbook, but you may know him from MasterChef. Make sure you’re not late because Kumar has a special treat in store from 7pm.

Sydney’s sauciest butchers, Feather and Bone: the F&B ethos is about knowing where your food comes from and using the whole animal. They’ll be talking about the ethics of meat (because The Tipsy Rabbit is words and ideas) and they’ll be giving a butchery demonstration. After all, this is not your average writers’ event.

We’ll also have musical performances by Camille Bernardino, and cake. Come along, eat, show me your faces, put questions to our three speakers and most importantly, have fun.

More info on The Tipsy Rabbit blog. Here’s the facebook invite, let us know you’re coming so we know how many baked treats to make.

Thursday 17 October at The Red Rattler, Marrickville, $10. Doors open at 7pm for a 7.30pm start.

What are you doing on Thursday?

Come to the next Tipsy Rabbit! The theme is erotica. It’ll be naughty and sexy and interesting and funny.

The Tipsy Rabbit is about words and ideas, in a bar, with performances. And cheese. I’m not saying there will be boob cupcakes but I’m not saying there won’t be boob cupcakes. You’ll just have to turn up to find out.

On the couch this month, Fayroze Lutta will talk about erotica writing, poet and author Roxanne Groebel will talk about vulnerability, voyeurism and trust, and Jackie Ruddock will talk about sexually pleasured female characters in contemporary sex comics. Jackie showed me her sexy comics last night (not a euphemism) and she’ll show them to you on Thursday and it’s gonna be rad! Also, I really want her wardrobe. I want it want it want it.

I’ll throw questions at them, and then it’s your turn.

But wait, there’s more!

The gorgeous Body Serpentine will be dancing with swords and fire. SWORDS AND FIRE, PEOPLE!

When? Thursday 27 June, doors open 7pm for 7.30pm start
Where? The Red Rattler, 6 Faversham Street, Marrickville
How much? Tickets $10 on the door
More info at The Tipsy Rabbit.

The Tipsy Rabbit

What are you doing on the 10th of April?

If you’re in Sydney, come to the very first Tipsy Rabbit.

The Tipsy Rabbit - for drinkers with a reading problem

The Tipsy Rabbit – for drinkers with a reading problem

The gorgeous Jen and I decided that writer talks should be more rowdy, with performances and dancing. So we’re putting one on in a very cool venue, the Red Rattler in Marrickville.

It’s going to be a bi-monthly event, and the first one is on music. Singer-songwriters Caitlin Park (music winner in the 2012 Spirit Of Youth Awards) and Richard Cartwright (from Richard in Your Mind), and music-journo-who-just-got-back-from-living-in-Berlin-and-we’re-insanely-jealous Sevana Ohandjanian will talk about writing music and writing about music, and it’ll be great fun.

You can also ask them questions. And, if you ask them nicely, they might even perform a song or two.

Afterwards, there’ll be drinking and dancing, because it’s the Red Rattler, after all.

Details at The Tipsy Rabbit.

Come along, it’ll be rad!