Colonial racism that must be protested


WHITE Ukrainians are welcomed into Britain, dark-skinned asylum seekers deported, like 160,000 Irish.

Colonial crimes and atrocities are still with us. Colonial rulers imposed their cruel laws and vices on occupied and exploited nations. The victims suffered a loss of identity, cultural and moral values ​​and were corrupted by the vices of the former colonial rulers and occupiers.

In the Philippines, a massive sex industry was created by the American colonial occupation around military bases with corrupt Filipino collaborators who exploited their own people.

King Philippe of Belgium, during a recent atonement tour in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC or Belgian Congo), expressed regret for the brutal colonial history where millions of Congolese died in slavery in their own country . The continued violence and exploitation of the population by armed groups who compete for mineral wealth is Belgium’s colonial heritage.

The King paid a special visit to a humble gynecologist, Nobel Laureate Dr. Denis Mukwege, who received the famous award for his campaign against sexual violence and rape as a weapon of war. The DRC and Dr Mukwege have accused Rwanda of supporting the M23 rebel group. Rwanda has denied the allegations. Its human rights record, however, is questionable. King Philippe expressed regret for the “paternalism, discrimination and racism. This has led to abuse and humiliation”, Philippe said. But he failed to issue a full apology.

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Suspected migrants, who had crossed from France in small boats and been picked up in the English Channel, wait to be disembarked from a British Border Force vessel in Dover, south-east England, on Friday 17 June 2022. AP PHOTO

More than a million people have fled violence and war and live as refugees in camps in Turkey and Jordan. They left with their wives and children to escape the indiscriminate shelling and chemical attacks of the Russian-backed tyrant Assad in Syria. Others escaped assassins, firing squads, extortionists and criminal gangs.

Western nations must take responsibility for their involvement in causing or aiding some of these conflicts, such as arming Saudi Arabia and others to attack Yemen and invade Iraq.

Britain is the destination of many refugees fleeing war and escaping death threats from the tyrants Britain supported. The government of Boris Johnson wants to stop them and others to come just like Belgium, France, Italy and the Netherlands. They have influential right-wing racist groups opposed to some asylum seekers and refugees.

Britain led by bumbling Boris Johnson, who foolishly left the European Union to get rid of European citizens, is floundering in economic collapse. Johnson is trying to unilaterally change the EU’s Brexit deal on Northern Ireland, which will breach international law and will surely lead to the cancellation of the vital trade deal with the EU. If possible, he would rid Britain of Filipino health workers, but Johnson would not dare; there are too few. He and other politicians, however, are determined to get rid of certain types of asylum seekers and refugees. In a few years, some of them could be from Scotland if Scotland succeeds in gaining independence from Britain, ending a thousand years of colonial rule and joining the Union. European, like Northern Ireland.

Britain, however, opened its welcoming arms to more than 60,000 Ukrainian refugees in just a few months. They are fleeing Russian bombing and have been granted immediate privileged refugee status and welcomed into British family homes. They are white, Christian and educated in the West, “just like us”, say the amiable British politicians and civil servants.

But, to Britain’s eternal shame and disgrace, these dark-skinned Muslim asylum seekers and refugees fleeing similar Russian and Assad bombings in Syria and other wars are being held in immigration prisons and arrested on the beach as they arrive in search of shelter. White Ukrainian refugees are the good ones, dark-skinned Muslims are wrong for Britain and other countries that discriminate on the basis of race alone. If they are sent back to their country of origin, they risk being imprisoned, tortured or killed. A draconian new UK government policy declares them illegal or criminal and aims to deport them without any evidence of wrongdoing on British soil and without a hearing of their legitimate asylum claims as required by international law. The plan is to catch them, brand them as illegals, treat them like convicts and bundle them up on a Spanish charter plane costing $500,000 a trip, and fly them to Rwanda in Africa no less.

What London is doing is a violation of international and humanitarian law of the rights of asylum seekers. These poor people have already suffered so much. It is a cold, cruel, harsh punishment, devoid of justice and compassion. It is endorsed by heartless British judges whose colonial ancestors deported 160,000 Irish men and women to Australia for life for minor offences. No Ukrainians will be deported unless they are dark-skinned. This deportation policy is a racist sin, bringing shame and disgrace to the British government.

The Church of England and Wales and most UK charities and non-governmental organizations oppose this policy. A lawsuit from the European Court of Human Rights has stopped the first deportation flight, but more will come. Britain signed an agreement with Rwanda and made a down payment of around $150,000 to Rwanda to accept them. Discarded as unwanted waste.

Britain’s inhumane racist policy of convicting and deporting people for minor offenses or “wrongdoing” is nothing new. This was common practice for the British in occupied colonial Ireland which suffered from starvation and starvation. They would convict anyone for a minor offense like taking a loaf of bread for a starving family or taking clothes off a clothesline and other offences, and use it to impose the draconian penalty of life expulsion or of “transportation” to Australia never to return.

From 1791 to 1867, a period of 76 years, the British condemned and transported a staggering number of Irish men and women – 160,000 – as slaves to populate Australia. While Britain was condemning the Irish for stealing a loaf of bread, it was stealing a whole continent from the Aborigines. It was no small crime. It seems that racism persists today in Australia as it does in Britain. Aborigines make up 28% of adult inmates in Australian prisons, but they make up only 3% of the total population. Up to 68% of minors in detention are indigenous.

Now Britain’s newest destination for unwanted dark-skinned asylum seekers of a different religion is Rwanda, a land from which no asylum seekers, like the Irish shipped to Australia, can ever return .

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