Comment policy

Your comments are welcomed and encouraged. If you didn’t have something to say, you wouldn’t be here, right?

However, because this is my personal blog, I do need to set some rules:

As the person who will cop the grief if I publish offensive or illegal comments, it’s my responsibility to block things that could get me into trouble. Swearing is fine. Name-calling is not. And neither is telling someone to shut their mouth, or that their arguments are moronic. That’s not cool.

In general, I won’t edit your comment, but sometimes I fix up typos because I’m sure you don’t want them published.

It should go without saying that if you come into my house and insult me, by saying things like “don’t bother replying unless you have something intelligent to say”, things will not go well for you here. If you leave abusive, offensive or menacing comments, I will forward all your details to your internet service provider. If you read the fine print, you’d know that leaving abusive, offensive or menacing comments is in breach of your contract with the ISP and that it’s something they take seriously.

Don’t feel that you have to agree with me – I love genuine debate. However, if you’re being deliberately antagonistic, please take it somewhere else because this blog has a “no dickheads” policy.

Journalists who try to anonymously defend their work will most likely be identified. Fair’s fair. If your work is good enough to defend, then have the ovaries/balls to own it. After all, my name is on this blog and I stand by what I write. When I’m wrong, I’ll admit it. Corrections are published in the relevant post.

Here’s what won’t be published:
Sexist bullshit;
Comments saying one race is better than another, or any other racist rubbish;
Name-calling – please think of another way to make your point;
Comments plugging your sex website.

Anyone who violates this policy may be blocked from commenting on this blog. My blog, them’s the rules.

Here’s what will be published:

Pretty much everything else, as long as it’s somewhat related to the topic.

If your comment hasn’t been published and it doesn’t violate this comments policy, it’s probably because I’m not online. Please be patient. And please de-lurk and join the discussion.

9 responses to “Comment policy

  1. I was wondering if I can use your comments policy as a sort of template?

  2. heard you on ABC RN Media report. good work!

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