Rejections of direct debits are not incompatible with the repurchase of credits, borrowers can benefit from a reduction in their monthly payments with rejections.

Credit repurchase and direct debits

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The repurchase of credit is made to give a second chance to the households by allowing them to lengthen their duration of repayment and to reduce their monthly payments. Simply put, lenders are well aware that a direct debit rejection arrives quickly, especially when the end of the month is difficult and the financial situation deteriorates.

Thus, the rejections do not avoid benefiting from the repurchase of its credits, they must be limited in quantity (between 5 and 20 maximum according to the banks and credit institutions) to obtain financing and the borrower must be aware that this n is not the only criterion that is taken into account. To obtain a loan repurchase by having rejections, it is preferable to turn to a bank intermediary, it thus has more possibilities.

Solutions for a loan buyout with rejection

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Rejections of direct debits occur when the borrower does not have the necessary balance to be able to pay the amount due. Thus, the direct debit which must take place cannot be carried out and a rejection is allocated by the borrower’s bank account. This consequence is not catastrophic insofar as it can be justified when it is punctual.

If it becomes regular and in particular within the framework of a request for repurchase of loans, it is necessary that the borrower can prove that an event is at the origin of the imbalance and therefore that the rejection is temporary. The credit institutions and in particular the bank advisers who are responsible for studying the requests are above all human, who can understand the situation of the borrower and take into account his explanations, it is for this reason that solutions can always to be found.

Credit consolidation, rejection: simulate for free

Credit consolidation, rejection: simulate for free

It is important to know that, to be accepted, financing must meet the requirements of banks and that rejections are not the only elements studied, the file must be assessed as a whole in order to meet all the standards of credit institutions.. It is therefore possible to group your credits by having rejections, whether you are the owner or the tenant of your accommodation, it is also possible to carry out a free loan repurchase simulation online.

This simulation makes it possible to quickly have a feasibility opinion and to obtain an estimate of the new reduced monthly payment. To do this, simply complete the form, the response is quick and the process is non-binding.

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