CU Boulder Cop fired after accusations of racism and anti-Semitism: report


BOULDER, CO — University of Colorado police have reportedly fired an officer accused of racism and anti-Semitism.

As Boulder Patch previously reported, the CU Boulder Police Department said in April that it and the university were aware of “allegations of racism, anti-Semitism and unprofessional conduct by a CUPD officer.”

The tweet came in response to a thread and article link from the anti-police organization Safe Access for Everyone, or SAFE, which describes itself as a group of abolitionists fighting for the rights of homeless people.

SAFE said it found multiple posts from an officer identified as Drew Matthews that espouse “anti-homeless and anti-Black commentary, including a call to attack homeless people with high-pressure fire hoses.”

Matthews was placed on paid administrative leave. CU officials told the Daily Camera in an email that Matthews had been fired.

“The CUPD is committed to professional standards and abiding by the policies of its department,” officials said in a statement. “After a thorough review, Police Chief Jokerst has advised Mr. Matthews that his employment has been terminated as it has been determined that he cannot continue to effectively perform his policing duties for CU Boulder.”

Matthews, said SAFE, regularly posted under the /u/BocoRam18 account on the Boulder and CUBoulder subreddit boards, as well as ProtectAndServe, a law enforcement tip where he verified himself with the board’s administrators as a campus police officer. The group linked Matthews to the posts using a photo of a beer can atop Torreys Peak that was posted on both the Reddit account and their Facebook accounts.

According to SAFE, in a screenshot of a since-deleted post from the account, the officer wrote, “I’m saying call the police and just spray the hoses on them until they leave, even s ‘they don’t get a Plus, Seattle transients are the s—entitled heads who choose to be homeless, walk around with new phones and s—.

When another commenter notes that these were tactics used by police against black Americans fighting for civil rights in the 1960s, the officer replies, “Hey, they’re taking a bath at a minimum.”

In another comment, the officer writes that he and other officers broke up a house party following a report of sexual assault and arrested “all the black men there”, after learning that the suspect was black with an average height and wore a white T-. shirt and jeans.

He later wrote, “the best thing about it is all the guys we arrested for the most part were totally cool. It was the friends of the ‘white warriors of guilt/social justice’ who caused a scene “, he said, referring to people who called the police racist.

In other posts, SAFE accused the officer of justifying racial profiling after he defended officers who held a man at gunpoint who appeared to be “passenger”.

“Let’s be honest with ourselves, he contacted the dude because he looked like a passenger after local citizens requested additional patrols due to recent passenger activity, not because the dude was black. It was all hype and feigned indignation,” the officer wrote.

In other articles, the officer describes homeless people as “tramps” and “drug addicts” and at one point wonders if they can be sent to Portland, SAFE claimed.

The organization also found what it said was an anti-Semitic post by the account.

In a thread about a company’s COVID-19 vaccine needs, the officer compared private company vaccination mandates to the Holocaust.

“If people told you to wear a star on your shirt, you would,” the officer wrote.

The University of Colorado at Boulder called the posts “offensive and objectionable.”

Matthews has served for seven years.


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