“Dame Kelly Holmes’ courage to speak out about her sexuality will inspire generations” – Voice of the Mirror


Olympic legend Dame Kelly Holmes has spoken of the emotional toll she endured for decades for having to conceal her sexuality and fears persecution as a young soldier

Dame Kelly is an inspiration to young people

Olympic legend Dame Kelly Holmes inspired a generation of young athletes with her exploits on the track.

Now she’s ready to inspire a new generation by coming out as gay.

In a candid and moving interview in the Sunday Mirror today, Dame Kelly talks about the emotional toll she endured over decades of having to conceal her sexuality.

She tells how she feared being prosecuted as a young soldier, due to the ban on homosexuality in the armed forces at the time.

And how she couldn’t take full advantage of her gold medal wins at the Athens Olympics because she was afraid of being knocked out.

Having to suppress her sexuality affected her mental well-being, leading her to self-harm.

Dame Kelly’s experience – the loneliness and torment that comes with not being able to be yourself – will be familiar to many young gay and trans people today.

That’s why she deserves so much respect for sharing her story.

Kelly Holmes won gold in the 1500m final at the Athens Olympics in 2004.



Aspiring young gay athletes now know that they are not alone and that they don’t have to pretend to be what they are not.

Fortunately, attitudes towards homosexuality are changing.

As Dame Kelly observes in her interview, you are now more likely to be kicked out of the military for homophobia than for being gay.

But the battle for equality and tolerance is far from over – as evidenced by the recent increase in hate crimes against LBGTQ+ people.

There are few prominent homosexuals in the upper echelons of our major sports.

By coming out, Dame Kelly is not only helping to break down barriers – she is also sending a vital message of hope to young athletes of the future.

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