Detective Vallejo with allegations of misconduct investigated for racism



Mustard’s lawyer did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

According to the report, Mustard told investigators he did not recall calling Scott “boy,” but said if he did, there was nothing racist about it, and it was is just a term he uses sometimes, especially with young people. Scott has been a cop for 21 years, according to a statewide officer database.

The investigation revealed that Mustard was not racist when he called Scott a “boy,” but also revealed that Scott had good reason for finding the term offensive.

Mustard explained to the investigator that the joke that Dixon was “as dark as Coley’s ass” was actually not a reference to a black person, but to a black dog belonging to his grandfather.

The investigator did not find this explanation credible. Other witnesses contradicted Mustard, and the report indicates that Mustard’s joke was actually a fairly common expression about black people. Sometimes, according to the report, “Coley” was “spelled Coalie or Coaley, which referred to a black person who delivered coal, primarily to the South.”

The investigation, which ended on April 17, 2020, found that Mustard made this racist joke, but did not find that Mustard’s other actions were based on racial animosity towards Scott. The investigation also revealed that Scott may have been motivated to file his complaint against Mustard in order to avoid an unfavorable transfer from the Investigations Division to Patrol. The investigation does not indicate what discipline, if any, was imposed on Mustard.

Ellis Investigations did not respond to a request for comment.

Solano County Deputy Chief Public Defender Oscar Bobrow said he had not seen the internal investigation and therefore could not specifically comment on the allegations against Mustard, but he pointed out that residents de Vallejo must be able to trust their police department.

“I think any officer who displays outward racial animosity or any sort of animosity towards an individual or group of people, the department that runs that agency should be concerned, at the very least, that justice is not being administered fairly.” , did he declare. .

The investigator also discovered that two other detectives, Terry Schillinger and Scott Yates, had not been honest during the investigation, raising broader questions about the credibility of the besieged officers of Vallejo.



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