Ednaldo Rodrigues takes over the presidency of the CBF claiming a victory against racism and prejudice


March 24 – Brazilian football has a new boss. After months without a rudder, Ednaldo Rodrigues has been elected as the new president of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) for a four-year term.

Rodrigues was the only candidate in the elections and obtained 137 votes out of a possible 141, even though a judge in Maceio had suspended the elections following an appeal by Gustavo Feijó, former vice-president of the CBF.

Rodrigues, 68, will be president of the CBF until March 2026 and will then be allowed to run again.

“It was not an easy process, nine months of injustice, of infamy,” Ednaldo said. “And today, democracy has won. I spent all my time defending myself, especially against prejudice. Everyone knows my life, I have an unblemished character.

“Over the last few months I have been under all kinds of pressure, prejudice, had my phones tapped, my emails breached, the CBF presidency email also breached. And prejudices that still exist in all segments of society because I come from the Northeast, because I come from Bahia, because I come from the interior, from Vitória da Conquista and I am proud to be a son. Prejudice of being black. This is the big reality, the big answer.

A former president of the Bahia football federation, Rodrigues was one of eight vice-presidents for Rogerio Caboclo, who quit the CBF last month following longstanding allegations of sexual harassment. Caboclo had been suspended since the allegations emerged on the eve of the last Copa America.

He became the last disgraced CBF boss after Ricardo Teixeira, Jose Maria Marin and Marco Polo del Nero.

“When we took over the entity on an interim basis, it was a ship in a storm,” Ednaldo said. “I had to hold the bar. Now, starting from democracy here, I want to correct course. Do your best, which is legal, and purge any immorality that has ever occurred.

As interim president, however, Ednaldo Rodrigues authorized a salary increase for the presidents of the state federations, who make up the majority of the CBF’s electoral college and therefore the governing body’s power base. Some presidents have earned 160,000 euros or more per year.

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