Emmerdale star Emile John discusses the consequences of the history of racism


This article contains a discussion of racist hate crimes, which some readers may find upsetting.

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale Actor Emile John has spoken about his character Ethan Anderson’s latest storyline, which sees his character become the victim of a racist hate crime.

In future episodes, lawyer Ethan will be attacked by his client Jordan who was arrested for attacking Billy Fletcher in another racist attack.

After this, Ethan decides to stop representing Jordan due to his continued aggressive behavior in hopes that he can put the case behind him. However, Ethan is followed into the station by Jordan who then proceeds to violently assault him.


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John praised the soap opera for the “brave” script, saying while speaking to digital spy and other media that it is “important to show that these people like Jordan exist in the world”.

John shared, “I think Emmerdale was really brave and also they show it in its most enormous form. Usually when we see shows or dramas talking about racism, it’s more hidden racism and it’s not really too harsh, but here we see someone who is actually very open with it. His [Jordan’s] the language is disgusting.”

The actor also discussed the impact the attack will have on Ethan going forward. “The stakes are extremely high here. This is Ethan’s career, he’s worked so hard to rise through the ranks in these areas,” he explained.

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“I think he’ll probably want to pick his stuff more wisely, I don’t think he’ll get into any old stuff. I think that will change Ethan in some way,” he continued. .

“He took the case because he wants to make a good impression on the company, but I think it’s probably a lesson for Ethan that even if you want to progress in your career, there are more important things and your career is not everything and the end of everything.”

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If you have been affected by racism and racist hate crime, organizations such as the Equality and Advisory Support Service (EASS), the Monitoring Group, Stand Against Racism and Inequality (SARI) and Stop Hate UK are among those that can offer help and support.

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