Estate fans immortalize Tom and Greg’s bond with Pride and Prejudice memes


SuccessionSeason three is in full swing, and it’s also intense and convoluted as always. The Roy family and their many factions kill each other again. Kendall is still vying for power, attempting to take the business from Logan. The family faces a criminal investigation and everyone pleads. But cousin Greg (Nicholas Braun) moved in the middle of the fray – and a nervous Tom Wambsgans (Matthew Macfadyen) attempted to court Greg’s favor.

It is a dynamic which marked the televiewers, with the fancams and TikToks to prove it. But one particular cinematic parallel caught the attention of fans. This is a parallel between Tom’s statement to Greg in the fourth episode – namely, “I’ll cast you and marry you in the blink of an eye” – and a similar statement from another iconic character that Macfadyen has. play. And although this is not the first time fans noticed this specific cast, Season 3 provided unique fodder for new memes.

This rain-soaked gentleman is none other than Macfadyen in the 2005 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, with Keira Knightley. Specifically, this is the scene where Mr. Darcy finally sticks his head out of his ass and admits his love to Elizabeth Bennet, before quickly handing it over through an abrupt marriage proposal.

If you haven’t watched Pride and Prejudice – or if you’ve never encountered the intrigue of one of Western canon’s most famous romances – here’s a callback. The two older Bennet sisters are of marrying age and their mother is determined to match them with men of suitable rank. Elizabeth Bennet, the younger of the two and the main character played by Knightley, has an unfavorable first interaction with the libertine Mr. Darcy, who makes unflattering comments about the social status of the Bennets family and the eccentric and improper behavior (read : independent) of Elizabeth.

After a few hours of gorgeous pastoral scenes, living room chatter, and increasingly sexually strained misunderstandings between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy – largely fueled by archaic social norms and Darcy’s inability to communicate – he ultimately confess his feelings. Of course, it’s in this iconic, rain-drenched scene, and Elizabeth refuses it, leaving it in the downpour.

Although Succession‘s Tom literally lacks the sex appeal of the old Macfadyen role, nonetheless he shows his penchant for playing men who have some sense of words. By “certain” I mean very shell out, or more accurately, the tendency to say sweet words after spending a lot of time playing weird power games with the recipient. Tom and Mr. Darcy have a genuine zeal for bizarre declarations of affection – or at least a zest for delivering love lines that are dripping with dramatic irony.

So well done to Tom and Greg. Even if they don’t find a match as fortuitous as Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, may their affection – and those excellent crossover memes – endure.

In the meantime, I’ll patiently wait for memes that take advantage of Emmy-winning Braun’s own historic catalog of acting roles. I would recommend starting with Sky high.

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