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Sometimes the best way to learn something new is to take a course about it. If you’re interested in LGBTQ history and looking at different disciplines from a sexuality perspective, here’s a list of some of the different gender and sexuality courses in different disciplines offered at UT. Spoiler alert: not all of them fall under the category of women, gender and sexuality.


PSYC 435: Multicultural Psychology is a class that examines different aspects of psychological research such as race, spirituality, ability level, ethnicity, socioeconomic status and of course gender and sexual orientation in focusing on the impact of these factors on psychology.

But there is an interesting prospect to this class. According to the course catalog, the focus of this course “will be on increasing personal self-awareness and knowledge of multicultural issues”.


SOCI 453: Gender and Crime is a course in which students examine the impact of gender on criminal justice, particularly in delinquency and victimization. In doing so, students examine the intersection of different gender experiences with crime to make sense of these differences. This class is also offered under the name WGS 453.

Film studies

CNST 469: Sexuality and Cinema is a film course that examines how sexuality is portrayed in cinema through the critique of feminist films. This writing emphasis course is also sometimes offered as WGS 469.

Women, gender and sexuality

WGS 434: Gender Psychology is a course that focuses on different factors that impact on gender expression and identity. These include biological, psychological and social factors. The course also focuses on the role of gender roles and gender stereotypes in shaping individual experiences. This is also offered under the name PSYC 434.

WGS 320: Gender, Sexuality and Religion is at the intersection of many different disciplines, including history, religious studies, literature, and the arts. This course focuses on the expression and construction of gender and sexuality in religion, covering art and literature throughout history. It is also offered as REST 320.

WGS 412: Gender, Performance Art and the Avant Garde focuses on how performance art is used to express gender and sexuality. The class also reflects on the social constructs of gender and how the body is used to present these constructs in art. Also offered as MUCO 412, this course is broad and examines music, dance, theater, speaking, film, and the visual arts to explore these topics.

Child and Family Studies

CFS 240: Human Sexuality focuses on examining human sexuality by thinking of cultural, social, family and psychological factors.

CFS 385: Diversity among Children and Families examines various factors that may contribute to the opportunities available to different people based on their education and family background. In addition to gender and sexuality, other factors examined by this class include social class, race, ethnicity, culture, disability, and religion.


HIUS 326: American Gay History spans from Colonial America to America today to examine how the LGBTQ community in the United States has impacted history and has changed over the years. years, while examining behavior and politics from this perspective.



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