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Variability in gender and sexuality occurs

For the editor:

I hesitate to use Orwellian analogies because of their use ad nauseam, although I think it is justified here: there is nothing more demonstrative of doublethink than to dismiss a fundamental part of who someone is. one and call it love.

These sentiments are embraced by some about queer people, a compromise between prejudice against those who don’t fit imagined black and white distinctions, and the obvious fact that queer people have been and have been around since the dawn of civilization. There is evidence to support this, contravening the insistence that gay people are “sexually confused”; the idea that homosexuality and varied gender identities are valid being the invention of a neo-Marxist liberal conspiracy. Further reading is not necessary, the public can read here.

I grew up tormented because at a young age I realized I was gay. Our church, of which I was a zealous participant, strongly subscribed to the religious views often espoused by certain writers in the opinion section of this publication. After a decade characterized by inner torment, shame, anxiety and the horror of hell, I made a choice. I decided to honor a fundamental part of who I was, something in my very makeup that couldn’t be changed. Something that is only problematic because it makes some people uncomfortable.

“There’s always an easy solution to every problem – neat, plausible and wrong.” —HL Mencken.

We understand our world by comparison: hot versus cold, good versus evil. It is therefore not difficult to imagine how we arrived at the “traditional” male-female duality. From observations about sex differences, abstractions occur. We may have observed that men tend to be stronger than women, having higher hormonal inclinations to build muscle. As women bear children, they have taken on a more nurturing role, compared to the “protective” role of men, and all the attributes that come with those roles soon followed. The distinction between gender and sex can be made here: Sex is the primary and secondary common trait that distinguishes men from women and vice versa; gender is the abstract social construct that follows and varies across cultures. Gender is incidental to sex. But just like there do there are people who exhibit the biological physiology of both sexes (i.e. “intersex”), gender and sexuality variability also occurs. Research has shown marked similarities in key brain structures between gay men and heterosexual women and vice versa; the same for transgender people.

We must not make the grave mistake of confusing our limited understanding of the way things are with the way things to have to be. Admit that caution is warranted by clinicians before performing gender confirmation treatments on minors, you cannot dismiss a fundamental part of who someone is, call them confused, insinuate they are an abomination against nature and call it love.

Creation does not fit into the neat little boxes that comfort some in a chaotic world. No amount of reading or “the lady protests too much”-esque redundantly adopted iterations will convince me otherwise.

Zion Mc Null



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