One of the things I love about English is that it keeps evolving. Each year we get a couple of new words that become so well used that they end up in the dictionary.

Here are a couple I’ve come up with (sadly, they haven’t been dictionaried):

Insulpliment: an insult masquerading as a compliment.

Homoaning: complaining about the price of real estate.

Reducement: a price reduction to induce you to buy.

Now it’s your turn. If they’ve come from somewhere else (eg The Washington Post), please include a link. My favourite Washington Post neologism is osteopornosis – a degenerate disease.

One word I’m particularly keen to create is a name for a man who dislikes women. Misogyny is too harsh. Cath from chunkychooky suggested “woman intolerant” or “woman unfriendly” which I think are great. Lissy got her nerd on and went Latin with “mulier sperno” (woman spurning). I love it, but can we convince the masses? There’s also femiphobia, but it doesn’t feel quite right. What do you think?

Update: It’s boob Friday, where the word of the day is “busticate”… knock yourselves out (with boobs).

Update: Plus, there’s vagingo and vajoke.

19 responses to “Neologisms

  1. Having just read a more serious piece on the market colonisation of intellectuals ( and mulling.. I flipped back to E Farrelly’s article on the Greer/Nowra stoush and found your blog.

    I wish to compliment and thank you for making me laugh out loud and think… apart from pinching and squashing the French for ‘d’uh’ into ‘jenecomprispas’ (because it is less about the subject being discriminated against and more about just not thinking on the part of the discriminator that in any kind of act of discrimination) as a whole word all I could think of was ‘nong’. Creativity eludes me… I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog.

  2. Sorry to go off topic Kim, but was it you who mentioned being at the F Conference in Sydney? Or did I read it at some other blog?

  3. Thanks. I’m hearing nasty stories about the Eros Foundation and anti-Sheila Jeffreys badges, anti-dyke atmosphere etc… Just wanted to hear some other accounts.

    • Really? That’s disgusting. Let me know what you find out.

    • my female gay friend went and said it was awesome and she got no weird anti-dyke vibes. I was meant to go with her but I was hungover and decided to stay home and bake a honey cake for my manfriend…not sure what kinda feminist that makes me…a lazy, greedy, sweet-toothed one I’d guess!

  4. Why yes… any man who proclaims they dislike women I think could be described as a nong. Equally I think any woman who proclaims they dislike men could be called a nong too. It’s just plain daft… so perhaps in the interests of distinction a nong could be nongo (conflation of nong and drongo) for a man and could be a nango (conflation of nong and nance) for a woman. Or… just a plain old nong, as a gender non-specific term.

    • Or you could use the Spanish feminine/masculine of nongo for men, and nonga for women? As an aside, I love the Spanish way of bookending the question with question marks, rather than putting one at the end of the sentence. Sometimes the question is at the beginning, so it doesn’t make sense to have the question mark at the end.

  5. Thanks Lexy (sorry I just saw this!). In hindsight, I think I might have accidentally stumbled into a pro/anti trans debate, which I normally steer well clear of. Sometimes I feel like I’m trapped between feminist factions with no actual faction of my own. I don’t know what the answer to that is…

  6. We tend to call women haters gynephobes (all hate comes from fear, right?) or ovary loathers.

  7. No sweat, I owe you one for sending me to the pro-choice blog of BoganetteNZ today via twitter.

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