Hofbrauhaus Pittsburgh reinstates its manager after racism allegations at Barrel and Flow Fest



Hofbrauhaus Pittsburgh has decided to tentatively reinstate a general manager who had been accused of racism at a black craft beer festival.

The employee had previously been suspended after organizers of Barrel and flow Party, a September event celebrating black brewers and artists, accused the CEO of harassment and racism.

On Thursday, Hofbrauhaus released a statement on its investigation. A Facebook post said that a “preliminary report of its independent legal counsel’s investigation into allegations of racial discrimination by one of its employees at the Barrel and Flow Beer Fest held on September 11, 2021 in SouthSide Works has been concluded “.

The investigation included interviewing witnesses, reviewing videotapes, inspecting communications and reviewing relevant documents, according to Hofbrauhaus.

In the absence of “evidence to corroborate the allegations,” Hofbrauhaus said via social media that he had decided to temporarily reinstate his director. It is expected that the investigation will be finalized shortly.

A call to the Pittsburgh location for comment was not immediately returned.

Festival founder Day Bracey claimed that at one point the general manager “came out and exploded in a fit of rage, dropping racial slurs against the performers and staff at Hearcorp.” Hearcorp was the stage and light company for the event.

Bracey said on Friday he was aware of the manager’s reinstatement.

“It’s not surprising,” Bracey said. “They decided that unless there was tangible video or audio evidence, they were not going to fire the director. But then they say the investigation is ongoing, so it’s contradictory. “

SouthSide Works restaurant posted on social media in September that it had suspended the employee in question pending an investigation.

Bracey said the restaurant hadn’t interviewed him, but had a date with them next week. He said he gave the director of Hofbrauhaus other names of witnesses who were not questioned.

“I don’t believe there has been a real effort on the part of Hofbrauhaus,” Bray said. “They just hired an independent law firm to cover their (buttocks) legally. So if there is an accusation of sexual harassment, unless they have video or audio, they won’t remove the person? How can you reinstate someone who was acting out of balance and harassing people? “

Bracey previously said he invited the brewery and its general manager to attend the Barrel and Flow Fest held near SouthSide Works in south Pittsburgh.

Bracey said Hofbrauhaus refused.

Some of the comments on Facebook included the question of why people who had no knowledge of what had happened were judging what they thought had happened. Another reading if why if it is still an ongoing investigation if the employee has been provisionally reinstated. One commentator said he would not spend any money at the Hofbrauhaus. Another said that Hofbrauhaus had done what was “reasonable”.

Bracey said next year’s festival date is August 13. He is looking for a new place.

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