Hot Press will feature 100 voices – All Against Racism in upcoming issue



Stories, ideas and messages of support for the campaign against racism in Ireland poured into the headquarters of Hot Press, artists, musicians, DJs, broadcasters, sports stars and more …

All Against Racism will be a major theme of the next issue of Hot press, scheduled for release on October 29, with 100 votes cast on the issue.

In a special initiative, Hot press work with the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission, to spread the word about the different forms of racism and how people are affected on a daily basis on the island of Ireland. The issue will also carry expressions of enthusiasm and support for the idea of ​​a truly multicultural island of equals – and the enormous potential Ireland has to become a world leader in equality and equality. egalitarianism.

“Ireland is at a crossroads in all kinds of ways”, Hot press said editor Niall Stokes. “The pandemic has exposed many flaws in Irish society. The experience was devastating in many ways for the hundreds of thousands of people who live here.

“But the past two traumatic years have also shown two things. The first is that the government can – and must – intervene more, invest more and put resources into the equalization process, which is at the heart of a stable, fair and equitable democracy.

“The second is that we all become stronger if we work together and support each other. The goal must be to move beyond unnecessary, unnecessary and damaging antagonisms that are essentially wasteful, to a place where a commitment to mutual respect and support drives meaningful engagement in society and in the democratic process.

“Ireland is a relatively wealthy country. There is no reason why we cannot welcome people of different origins, colors, nationalities and beliefs on an equal footing. It has been wonderful over the past 20 or 30 years to watch the complete transformation that has taken place in Ireland – with people coming here to work and live from all over Europe, as well as from Africa, Americas, Asia and Australia. We need more of this, not less.

“The ethic of equality for all is not difficult to understand. Every citizen, and every worker, has the right to equal treatment in life, love, education, culture, music, sport and work – and in terms of opportunities to realize their full potential.

“Anything that stands in the way of this ideal of equal treatment for all – regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation – must be examined, addressed and changed. But in addition, it is vital that there is also a change in the way we look at, treat and treat people in what have traditionally been minority groups.

“Our special All Against Racism is one way to meet this challenge. This comes at a special time in music and sport – where the new melting pot is producing indisputable benefits. We’ve seen it in music with the emergence of new Irish stars like Denise Chaila, Reggie Snow, Tolu Makay, Loah, JYellowL, Zeinab (pictured above) and many more.

“But that’s also happening in football, with a new wave of young, top-tier black Irish players emerging, including Gavin Bazunu, Andrew Omobamidele, Adam Idah and Chiedozie Ogbene, among others. Hear these young men talk and seeing them in action, ever since they joined the Irish squad, has been inspiring, there is a quality of composure and thoughtfulness about what they have said and done, that which is extremely impressive.

“It goes without saying that anyone who tries to portray any of them – including Chiedozie Ogbene, who was born in Nigeria – as less than the players they work with in the Ireland squad would be stupidly misguided, biased and insulting.

“The Irish football team are now a powerful example of how we all benefit from working together, accepting differences and aiming to improve our game as a people and as a country. It is something. that we can and all learn from. Hopefully our special 100 Voices: All Against Racism will help bring the day when the vestiges of racism and the inequalities that go with it can be eradicated from the island of Ireland.

People can pre-purchase the next issue of Hot Press here …

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