How Hollywood Promotes ‘Racism of the Worst Kind’ Against African Americans


Hollywood has made countless iconic and remarkable movies that have captured the attention of audiences around the world and changed the lives of many who once struggled to get a role. Movies and shows are created to entertain people, to tell them a story about character development. Racism was so rampant in 20th century America that, forget working in Hollywood, blacks and browns couldn’t even go to restaurants. There was a blatant ignorance that proudly celebrated bigotry with white actors doing blackface, African Americans portrayed as criminals, Hispanics as drug lords, Italians as mafias, and more. These racial stereotypes strongly influenced the minds of an overwhelming majority of white people. However, as society developed, the civil rights era began, acts of defiance took place, and the evil of racism gradually died out.

Many black actors and actresses have proven their talent in Hollywood, such as Viola Davis who had an abusive childhood and won an Oscar and Denzel Washington gave films such as Training Day and The Book of Eli, the first of which earned him an Oscar. Oscar. In an interview, Morgan Freeman was asked if race played a role in preventing him from thriving in life, he said it never did because while his skin color determined his career, he wouldn’t be where he is today.

Now, in 2022, “wokeism” has crept into Hollywood that identity politics and gender dysphoria is a “politically correct” agenda imposed on the public that has nothing to do with it. When the efforts of the director, producer, and screenwriter are to decide the race, sexual orientation, and ethnicity of the cast, a movie or TV show is bound to disappoint. Unfortunately, that’s what happened with Marvel, Netflix and Disney. There was a contentious meeting of Disney executives where a toxic wake-up culture meant to silence free speech was glorified and it was decided that its theme parks in Florida would not use the terms “it” / “she” or “ladies” and “gentleman”. because it hurts trans and non-binary people.

(Source: The New York Times)


It was this push to politicize movies/shows and insert a political narrative that led to Netflix losing 200,000 of its subscribers and plummeting stock, series such as “Dear White People” which shows all white people as ignorant fanatics who hate black people. Apparently, Netflix also has a toxic work environment as it has created corporate guidelines that tell its employees that if their political views don’t match the content created, they are free to leave. Last year there was a massive protest by Netflix employees against Dave Chappelle, a black comedian, whose jokes have been called “transphobic” by an overwhelming majority of white leftists who believe there are countless genres.

Similarly, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences also made sweeping changes based on race, sexuality, and identity. Hollywood has created insane eligibility criteria for a film to qualify for the Oscars, such as the lead or supporting actor and the head of a major department (screenplay, direction, production, makeup) must belong to an “underrepresented racial group,” meaning non-white. If black people get leading roles in Hollywood movies just because of their skin color, that’s also racism, because then qualified people of other races, including other black people, won’t have that chance. . This one-of-a-kind racism kills real talent.

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A classic example is Bridgerton’s shameless whitewashing of history and manipulation in choosing a Guyanese woman to play queen in 19th century England, undermines the oppression black people had to endure at that time. Imagine if ’12 Years -A Slave’ featured a black slave owner whipping a white man! One of the biggest obstacles for black people is white left liberals who still believe they can’t think for themselves, that somehow white saviors have to save them from the clutches of the racism is what Hollywood has become.

Hollywood’s bigoted practice of only picking a person of color will impact black people who actually qualify because a Hispanic, Asian, or Native American will get the job because of their race. Black people will also start to think they got the job because of their skin color and not merit, which will impact their self-esteem. Constant pimping is racism, and as Martin Luther King Jr once said, people should be judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.


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