How Shakira overcame prejudice early in her career: ‘It was uncomfortable’


Shakira is opening up about the “uncomfortable” stereotypes she faced early in her music career.

There’s no doubt the iconic singer has enjoyed worldwide success, selling over 75 million records and being recognized as one of the most influential artists, but now she reveals she’s had a tough time “because other types of prejudice”.

The 44-year-old star revealed one of the things she had to battle was prejudice against Colombians, as she started her career outside her country during a time of war and violence in Latin America.

“I remember when I had my first big break in music outside of Colombia, there was a lot of double-edged commentary about what it meant to be Colombian, and generally associated with drug trafficking, everything that. It’s like we were always making the joke, it was uncomfortable,” she explained.

The singer said she wanted to change the perspective of the world, admitting she “knew there was a lot to do” and “had to prove a lot of people wrong”.

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“I knew I had to show the world a more truthful side of my country. I really needed to share with the rest of the world what we Latinos and Colombians were like. And I always had a kind of social weight on me. I represent so many minorities. I am half Lebanese. I am also Colombian,” she said.

And while it’s been difficult for the singer, she says her ‘many different influences’ have been key to her success, as it’s been ‘fun to experiment and play with so many genres of music and influences’. different”.

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