Jedward calls out James Corden for playing ‘offensive gay stereotype’ in new Netflix movie


Corden has faced strong backlash for his portrayal of a gay character in the new film.

Meryl Streep in the ball deserves better than playing alongside James Corden who offensively plays all gay stereotypes! There are some amazing LGBTQIA + actors who should have been cast for this role. “

This is the statement Jedward made on social media late Sunday night in reference to Netflix’s new musical, The Prom, which was added to their streaming library on Friday.

Corden’s performance once again advanced the debate on whether straight actors should play non-straight characters, but his character is also criticized for leaning heavily on gay stereotypes.

As LGBTQI + writer Zack Sharf wrote for Indiewire: “The ball screams about tolerance, but James Corden delves into effeminate homosexual stereotypes whenever he gets the chance. Does anyone make sense?

Corden has yet to publicly respond to the backlash, but his The Prom co-star Andrew Rannells has come to his defense, telling Attitude Magazine the following:

“You know, I go back and forth about this. Obviously, the performance is very important, but how I feel [director Ryan Murphy] does so well, you know, he’s the best person for the job, quite frankly.

“In the same way that James can play the gay character, he also gave me the opportunity to play a straight character, which I don’t do all the time.

“As much as it takes [an actor’s sexuality] in consideration, I think at the end of the day he’s looking for talent and roles, and he’s given me the opportunity to play that role in which maybe another director wouldn’t have chosen me, and I am very grateful for this opportunity. “

The Prom is available to watch on Netflix right now.

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