Jon Gruden – Law, privilege, racism and bigotry expose a damaging NFL culture



Why is it that when people declare themselves innocent of being racist, the first statement that comes out of their mouth is, “I don’t have a racist bone in my body?” How can someone almost 60 years old in America not be aware of the inherent racial feelings?

Could someone the importance of Jon Gruden have already received a pass for past indiscretions? Should he also have had a second chance after making degrading comments about a high profile African American because he didn’t like that person’s actions and duties as a representative of the players’ association? I won’t attempt to answer these questions as the NFL obviously believed so – before more damaging emails leaked.

Jon Gruden made his choice to email and mock an educated black man, the same way his ancestors mocked African Americans with their “big lips” at white minstrel shows .

Gruden insulted the LGBTQ community. Jon also criticized women in official positions in the NFL. More criticism has come that the NFL is finding different measures to reduce concussed players in the league.

These emails have been shared between him and people in high places for over seven years. These messaging channels shared pornographic material that also implicated the Washington football team cheerleaders. The same cheerleaders who made sexual assault allegations to the same organization that denied any wrongdoing of sexual assault or misconduct. What type of culture is going on with our owners? You oppose these issues in the open, but you announce them behind closed doors. Jon Gruden wasn’t just sending random homophobic emails. He sent these emails to people he was comfortable speaking with, which begs another question. How did these owners respond? You can guarantee that these owners contact their IT people as we speak to clean up their “G-mail” accounts.

Plus, it won’t be the only domino to fall. Gruden’s incompetence just opened Pandora’s Box to hold others accountable for their past mishaps. All of these emails had to be hidden, reminiscent of the KKK, who wore hoods to hide their face, not wanting to be exposed. This is the sad reality and culture of the NFL.

Imagine an organization blaming Gruden’s email, “Dumboriss Smith has lips the size of Michelin tires” stating “he was not employed by the team when he sent the message”. The same organization fired former coach Jack Del Rio and completely ignored the Rooney rule that all franchises interview a minority candidate before hiring a head coach? Additionally, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell defended the organization when he said they were complying with a minority interview. We know that was a lie because Raiders owner Mark Davis went so far as to say that Gruden was the next coach on hold, as Del Rio packed up in Oakland.

A private law firm has been hired to investigate the Washington football team after years of complaints of sexual harassment and workplace misconduct against women. Not once has the evidence revealed that owner Dan Snyder was affiliated with this misconduct. What’s interesting is that Jon Gruden wasn’t the talking point throughout this investigation. The investigation focused on the Washington organization.

Gruden punched out Goodell and the next day Gruden was fired from the league Goodell is running when an anonymous source revealed the real Jon Gruden.

If the NFL is willing to ignore giving African Americans and others a chance to lead a team, then it can also lie in favor of social justice and equal opportunity for black people, who represent more than 70% of the league and a large part of the league’s profits. . The league’s position on Gruden was to grant him a suspension – until the homophobic and gender-discriminatory emails came out.

You are who you associate with

How coincidentally, the racist email sent by Jon Gruden was to Bruce Allen, who at the time was the general manager of the Washington Redskins. A team insensitive to the Amerindians. The organization has found several lawsuits for sexual harassment and a toxic work environment towards women and her cheerleaders. The same organization that has been berated for its racist nickname and logo which has deeply disrespected not just a group of people, but an entire culture.

We know Gruden would have been upset by the lockdown and other owners, but if the record ever comes to light I wonder how many more were called out due to their physical characteristics considered to be breed-induced and having a background discrimination. versus.

The fact that we even have this discussion in the 21st century is more than embarrassing. It’s pretty straightforward. Jon Gruden operates with a mindset of ignorance and does not know the history of his own comments. Is that an excuse? Absolutely not. Jon Gruden grew up during one of the most difficult times in African American history, the Jim Crow era, so his age and not understanding his own terminology or self-inflicted racist mindset further illustrates his simplicity.

For the “It happened 10 years ago” crowd and the idea that people can change, it only happens when you accept responsibility for your actions. You may be so used to the law that you don’t recognize the real struggle of a successful minority in the same industry as you. Is what happened 10 years ago still good? Does the slavery that took place over 100 years ago make things better? Jon Gruden only apologizes because his racist remarks in an email were leaked!

The commentary and the story

Minstrel shows were racist entertainment for whites featuring African Americans portrayed in skits, plays, dances, or acts by a white man. During these shows, the actors painted their faces black and wore red lipstick around their “big lips” to make fun of black people. Slaves were often referred to as “black disease” which included descriptions such as dark skin color, woolly hair, and labia majora. Frederick Douglass described the actors as “the dirty scum of white society”.

The NFL and Roger Goodell didn’t just drop the ball by allowing him the option of resigning. This begs the question, what other incriminating evidence in the 650,000 emails does the league have? An organization that instituted the very first minority head coach to win a Super Bowl in Tom Flores dropped the ball.



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