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Tell us what you want from Jon Gruden – and many have – but he has a new take on equality.

In a series of emails reported last week by The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, former Las Vegas Raiders coaches have now insulted nearly every part of the United States. Black (he said NFL Players Association leader De Maurice Smith “had lips the size of a Michelin.” [sic] Tire “); Gay (he lamented that the NFL encourages the team to write a” queer “). Female (he doesn’t like them umpiring the game and men like to play with interfering calls. assists); Peaceful protester (Eric Reed kneeling with Colin Kaepernick) He said he should be fired – don’t know where he got it); and the future head of state (he told the deputy) then US President Joe Biden in 2012 (“nervous ignorance” I called him “cat”). He also insulted his demographics to prove he had no prejudices. And that’s exactly what ‘he wrote.

There are a few points of the incident. First off, Gruden certainly looks like anyone who thinks the NFL has been overtaken by a brave coward, judging by his email. Because he didn’t even have the courage to insult his target in their faces, even though he had had a career as a person who spoke of himself that way.

An email was sent while he was at ESPN’s broadcast booth covering the NFL player’s period of protest. But he never said he didn’t agree with them or that he thought Reed should lose his job. When one of his players, Karl Nasib, became the first active NFL player to appear as gay, Gruden said: In this case, “a long time ago” is clearly after 2014, when he didn’t want to ‘a gay player in the league. Gruden seems to think female footballers are either despised (see mean women) or cursed (he exchanged pictures of topless cheerleaders with former Washington football president Bruce Allen). Was happy to receive payment from the Raiders. During her first assignment with the team, Amy Trask, the female CEO. And while he thinks it’s okay to use racist stereotypes in emails to friends, he’s shown a different side of black gamers. on Sunday.

But what is sad here is not Gruden’s horrific prejudices. It’s the damage done to others in the NFL. Do 65% of black league players really think of a white coach (and he’s almost certainly white) in a racist stereotype that he likes and appreciates them? Are you wondering? The next time Nashib is convinced in the locker room that his sexuality isn’t an issue, does he remember that is exactly what Gruden said? Are cheerleaders who already face a hostile workplace afraid of their bosses swapping their photos?

League defenders, Gruden is an outlier, his email was before he took control of the Raiders in 2018, and after the summer of racial calculations following the murder of George Floyd by the police, the NFL and the United States- United. You would say it’s in another place. And the NFL certainly does a verbal service to the idea and apologizes for not listening to the players during the national anthem event initiated by Capernick.

But it’s still a league, a country where coaches with a history of racist comments can find work. Fans boo the moment of silence and balance it, admitting that the inequality is probably bad. Where there were three blackhead coaches in 2003 when the Rooney rule was passed and now… where there are three. If you only change your racist nickname after your team is under pressure from the sponsor. There are rumors that someone in the NFL leaked an email to The Times and Journal, not because he was prejudiced, but because Gruden insulted Goodell.

Either way, it’s easy to see if Gruden is an outlier. The email was one of 650,000 notices from the NFL in the investigation of a fraud against the Washington football team. On Tuesday, NBC’s Mike Florio could reveal emails suggesting other people who “have sent and received emails containing racist, gay, transphobic and / or misogynistic content.” I reported that there was anxiety around the league. Hours later, the NFL Players Association announced that it would ask the league to publish the rest of the email. Of course, the league can refuse, but that doesn’t necessarily stop the leak. In the Gruden situation, we have already seen that people have scores to settle.

Few would be surprised if the corruption runs much deeper than Gruden.

Jon Gruden’s Dirty Prejudice May Just Be The Beginning Of NFL Problems | NFL

Jon Gruden’s Dirty Prejudice May Just Be The Beginning Of NFL Problems | NFL



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