Judge accused of homophobia, racism wants her back to her job


An investigation by the New York State Courts Inspector General reportedly backed accusations of racism and anti-LGBTQ+ bias by a Brooklyn judge.

According to New York Daily News, who claims to have seen the IG report, Brooklyn Surrogate Court Judge Harriet Thompson used highly offensive language and disparaged others based on their ethnicity and gender identity. Thomas, who was ejected from the bench in December 2021 pending an investigation, has denied all allegations and filed a lawsuit demanding his reinstatement.

“I hate those gay white men” and “being gay is an abomination to mankind,” Thompson reportedly said.

In another incident, Thompson allegedly said a gay judge was “fat now, because of all the bad things he does.”

Thompson also reportedly showed animosity toward members of the Hispanic community.

“I don’t like Hispanics. They have a deceitful trait that goes back to biblical times,” she reportedly said. “Men always steal and women are no better. They lie, steal and use their vaginas to anything they want.

Thomas also allegedly called a black judge “n****r” who was a “puppet for white men.”

And she reportedly suggested a woman was “a prostitute” and said “I think her boyfriend is pimping her”.

In her lawsuit seeking reinstatement, Thomas claimed she had been the victim of a vendetta by corrupt officials in the Office of Courts Management.

“I have been subject to a retaliatory suspension following a protected activity that I engaged in after reporting questionable and likely illegal conduct by the public administrator responsible for administering the estates of those deceased persons,” Thompson said in the discrimination lawsuit filed in April, according to the Law Review.

“This case is not about racial bias, corruption, being a whistleblower or any other allegation in his case,” justice system spokesman Lucian Chalfen said in a statement. Law Review in April. “This is a serious misconduct on his part raising troubling questions about his ability to sit on the bench.”

Thompson reportedly engaged in a years-long dispute with former public administrator Richard Buckheit, accusing him of discriminatory policies against black employees. She eventually suspended Buckheit from any involvement in the cases assigned to her. Buckheit and attorneys representing people with cases before Thompson said she was negligent in issuing large orders, which resulted in a backlog of more than 250 cases.

Thompson took his $210,900 annual salary without hearing a case.


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