Judge rejects Cathy Aeu lawsuit against Fox News with prejudice


Tucker Carlson and Cathy Areu

A former Fox News guest who sued the network and personalities Tucker carlson, Sean hannity, and Howard kurtz, as well as the former Fox host Henri henri, lost his federal lawsuit – for good, this time.

In July 2020, Cathy Areu was one of two women who filed a federal complaint against Fox News preceded by a “TRIGGER WARNING” in bold, bright red text indicating that it contained “highly graphic information of a sexual nature, including sexual assault ”.

The main applicant, former associate producer Jennifer eckhart, saw her allegations progress to discovery in September, including one accusing Henry of sex trafficking against her.

“Of course, this is not a conventional sex trafficking allegation,” US District Judge Ronnie abrams wrote Sept. 9 in a 52-page notice and order. “Eckhart did not allege, for example, that Henry forced her into prostitution or into sexual slavery.”

Although several claims made by Eckhart have advanced, Aeu’s claims were fired, and Justice Abrams concluded that she had not “made a complaint of discrimination or reprisal under any of the applicable laws”. (founder of Law & Crime Dan Abrams is the judge’s brother.)

Areu’s lawyer Jacques Vagnini told Law & Crime at the time that the judge gave his client the option to re-file the complaint.

“We are disappointed with the decision, but also appreciate the court’s ruling that the facts asserted by Ms Areu against Fox and the individual defendants are not frivolous,” Vagnini wrote months ago. “Given the technical basis of the dismissal, we are taking the time to consider the possibility of Ms. Areu amending the complaint, as the court suggested.”

Two sets of deadlines have passed since that time. Citing a change of lawyer, Areu requested and obtained an extension of the original September 30 deadline. Then the new deadline of October 14 came and went without a new complaint.

“Accordingly, this case is closed without prejudice,” said Monday’s decision.

Shortly after Areu’s complaint was filed, sister site Law & Crime Mediaite dug apparent holes in the ex-guest’s case.

In the lawsuit, Areu claimed to have been a “relatively regular” guest on Hannity’s prime-time show until March 8, 2018.

“That day Mr. Hannity, on set and in front of the entire studio crew – and completely unsolicited – threw $ 100 on the set,” the lawsuit alleged. “He then started calling the men into the room and demanding that someone take Ms. Areu to a date for a drink at Del Friscos. He repeatedly shouted, “Who wants to take him on a date?” “Take her on a date at Del Friscos.” “

Areu had claimed that the incident had left her “completely mortified”.

Mediaite reported that Fox News provided emails appearing to show that the male friend mentioned by Areu came on set that evening at Areu’s invitation.

“Can I bring a guest?” Areu apparently wrote in an email to a member of staff earlier today, referring to the guest as “Alex,” according to Mediaite.

Fox News said Hannah offered Areu and her friend $ 100 for a drink next to elite Del Frisco’s steakhouse after the appearance. The network hired an outside firm to investigate Aeu’s allegations.

According to Mediaite, Areu then sent two emails thanking Hannity and his team: the first, sent at 10:37 pm, said: “Thank you very much for inviting me. Too much fun.

She reportedly sent another at 6:34 a.m. the next morning with a photo of a martini she bought from Del Frisco.

Note: This story has been updated to clarify that Cathy Areu was a guest of Fox News.

(Screenshot via Fox News)

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