League of Legends pro Biofrost speaks out on esports issues


The League of Legends esports scene is always something that is growing day by day. As a result, it’s filled with good and bad people in every possible section.

It seems professional League of Legends player Biofrost has had similar experiences in the industry opening up about his own sexuality and how some people made him feel in a way where he had afraid to talk about it. Biofrost claimed that:

“In almost every team I’ve been on, I’ve heard homophobic comments from teammates or staff and felt uncomfortable, bordering on fear of losing my job if I was telling the truth.”

It’s really disheartening to read, but what Bifrost revealed about the industry’s problems has been known for a long time. A significant part of esports is characterized by active sexism, racism, homophobia and prejudice. While change is coming, the process is still quite slow.

League of Legends pro Biofrost feels it’s time to start educating people in esports about workplace conduct

Homophobia is something that has existed within League of Legends for a long time now. There have also been players in the past who have been targeted because of their sexual preferences. The problem, it seems, is much more deeply rooted than it appears at first glance.

As Biofrost pointed out in his Tweet, his homosexuality led to homophobic remarks from the age of 8. Back when he wasn’t even in esports, he had to listen to things like:

“Why are you acting like a girl? And stop being gay. »

Biofrost claimed that this often caused him to become self-conscious and led to further bullying. Eventually, when he moved into esports, he cared even more about himself as he was now on a bigger platform where he could become a target for powerful people.

@Biofrostlol of course your brother. you are a legend now for more than one reason. keep it up my man and keep the positivity 🚀🚀🚀

In fact, he claimed that he often faced such problems. However, he tried to keep his sexuality a secret as much as possible to avoid becoming unemployed.

Biofrost also talked about how the esports industry is filled with this issue and it’s time to teach others how to maintain dignity in the workplace. It’s time to educate people about this issue and ensure that young players coming into League of Legends or other esports don’t have to suffer like it did.

@Biofrostlol you will always be one of my best friends and i’m so proud of you for posting this ❤️

It takes a lot of courage and strength to talk about something so personal, but Biofrost felt it was necessary because community awareness is key. Finally, he also thanked his parents and friends who supported him throughout his journey and helped him stay strong despite the harassment he faced.

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