Letter from Jeff Maciejewski: Consult other sources of information to recognize racism | Letters to the Editor


Apparently, the letter published by Mr. Gaibis Sr. was not clear enough for the Tucker Carlsons of the world.

Although, in light of the recent and, unfortunately, ongoing massacre of our fellow human beings, be they children, non-white people, those of a sexual orientation different from ours, some people do not understand what means racism.

Racism is not just about the hate that drove a person to kill black people in Buffalo, but also the hate that drove a person to kill Jews while attending services at their synagogue in Pittsburgh, and to kill Chinese in Florida because they were blamed by those who are not of sound mind and body as the cause of the coronavirus.

Nor is it what a letter to the editor naively proclaimed: “In 2021, only six unarmed black people were killed by police, but 10,000 black people were killed by other black people and it was caused by many factors, but racism was not one of them.”

As I read this statement, I sat in dismay, knowing that no amount of reasoning can ever bring a person like this into reality.

The author also states that Mr. Gaibis does research. I in turn ask the author of the letter to do the same. However, I would ask him to use news sites other than the ones he’s obviously used to relying on, and hopefully realize that there’s a lot of valuable information out there that can be found outside the world boundaries of the Carlsons and Hannitys of the world.

The whole world is praying that you, those like you, do it!

Jeff Maciejewski

New Castle


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