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Meghan Markle’s ‘Archetypes’ podcast is back after being suspended for four weeks as the Royal Family mourned the death of Queen Elizabeth II. The fourth episode, released on Spotify on Tuesday October 4, saw Meghan discuss the concept of ‘the Lady of the Dragon’ with comedian Margaret Cho and CNN presenter Lisa Ling. An example used in the podcast was the Kill Bill villain O-Ren Ishii played by Lucy Liu. But when her character was first used to illustrate the stereotype in an essay last year, Liu disagreed.

Meghan’s latest podcast episode, titled ‘Debunking the Dragon Lady’, discussed what she described as the often ‘oversexualized or aggressive’ stereotype known as ‘Dragon Lady’.

An essay by writer India Roby, titled “Hollywood has played a role in the hypersexualization of Asian women”, was featured in teen vogue last year and also discussed the stereotype.

Roby defined a “Dragon Lady” as a “cunning and deceitful” woman of Asian descent who “uses her sexuality as a powerful tool of manipulation, but is often emotionally and sexually cold and threatens masculinity.”

A contemporary example was then given in the essay, namely Japanese Yakuza leader O-Ren Ishii.

Meghan’s podcast cited this example and played a clip from the film in which Ishii can be heard saying “the price you pay for bringing up my Chinese or American heritage is: I get your fucking head back” after beheading a man in the 2003 movie.

The Duchess told her listeners: “Films like…Kill Bill, [present] these caricatures of women of Asian origin often oversexualized or aggressive.

But last year, after Teen Vogue published Roby’s essay, Liu hit back at her character being considered a “Dragon Lady.”

In an opinion piece for the Washington Postthe 53-year-old award-winning actress pointed out that Tarantino’s film features other similar female assassins, such as The Bride (Uma Thurman), Vernita Green (Vivica A. Fox) and Elle Driver (Daryl Hannah).

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Kill Bill: Vol.1 focuses on The Bride waking up from a coma after four years and avenging other killers who betrayed her.

In the article, Liu posed the question, “Kill Bill features three other female professional killers besides Ishii. Why not call Uma Thurman, Vivica A. Fox or Daryl Hannah a dragon lady?

The Charlie’s Angels star concluded that the only reason his character was used as an example was because of his ethnicity, refuting the point he was trying to make.

She continued: “I can only conclude that it is because they are not Asian. I could have worn a tuxedo and a [blonde] wig, but I would still have been called a dragon woman because of my ethnicity. If I can’t play certain roles because traditional Americans still see me as Other, and I don’t want to be cast only in “typically Asian” roles because they reinforce stereotypes, I start to feel the walls of the metaphorical box that we [Asian American Pacific Islander] women intervene.

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