New York housing inspector suspended after stereotypical racist Asian name used in letter – NBC New York


A New York City housing worker has been suspended and an investigation is underway after a city resident took to social media with a letter he received that was condemned as demonstrating an anti-Asian bias.

Duc Pham posted on Facebook this week that an inspector came to his apartment on First Avenue to check the heating and hot water, and did not ask for his roommate’s name. He showed a letter which he said was sent to the Sutton Place apartment addressed to “Chin Chong”.

“Great job, NYC,” he wrote in his post, which was brought to the attention of city officials.

An Asian man says a letter sent to him from the city used a racist and stereotypical name on the document instead of asking the man for his name. NBC New York’s Adam Harding reports

In a statement, the municipal housing preservation and development department said it was investigating and an employee was suspended without pay.

“After some processing time we were disappointed as it came from the city itself,” Pham told NBC New York. The agency said it had contacted Pham with a “deep apology”.

“Racism has no place in New York,” the agency said. “We stand alongside the AAPI anti-hate community. “

Pham and his roommate Khang Duong said they were stunned by the letter, saying there had been no indication from the inspector that he was having problems with them.

“We don’t want to blame anyone here, but we have to act,” Duong said. “The leaders of the city, the country are talking about it, but it seems to have very little effect, and the Asian community keeps coming under attack.”


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