Newcastle United – Newcastle United underline commitment to tackle racism


Newcastle United will not tolerate any action which undermines the inclusiveness of our club or our footballing community.

We are committed to fighting firmly against any discriminatory abuse based on race, sexual orientation, disability, gender and all other various characteristics, whether visible or not.

We know that most of our supporters support us in this commitment, United as One, but there remains a small minority who continue to behave in a discriminatory manner.

We will investigate every incident reported to us and where the evidence identifies any supporter involved in discriminatory or abusive behavior, we will not hesitate to act in accordance with our policies and the Premier League’s commitment regarding the behavior. discriminatory and abusive.

To help us eliminate discriminatory abuse in our environments, please report any abuse you see or hear as soon as possible.


On a match day, supporters are encouraged to report any incidents during the match when possible, by speaking to their nearest steward, or by texting HELP to 60070 tracking your seat location and details of the incident to help us identify those responsible.

On non-match days we ask supporters to report incidents by email to [email protected]

Following any allegation of discriminatory behavior, we will work with the relevant authorities to identify the perpetrators and pursue the strongest possible action against those involved. We have already banned a number of supporters this season.

We have been made aware of an incident where supporters booed players taking the knee. We want to strengthen our wholehearted support for players who take the knee as a symbol of unity against all forms of racism and ask our supporters to do the same. You can find the Premier League video on this here.

We value and embrace the diversity of our football community and are committed to ensuring that we embed a highly inclusive culture across the club.

There is no room for abusive or discriminatory behavior in football; we are United as One.


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