Only Groomers Advocate Secret Conversations With Children About Sexuality


Eearlier this week, PolitiFact (a self-proclaimed “fact-checking website”) published
a piece
titled “Why It’s Not Grooming: What Research Says About Gender and Sexuality in Schools.” The article focuses on Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Act, dubbed by dishonest critics the “Don’t Say Gay” law, and argues that classroom conversations about sexuality and gender don’t come prepared because they are “made without intent to sexually abuse”. a kid.

As I’m sure most of my readers know, Florida law has nothing to do with prohibiting the word “gay.” Instead, the law prevents educators from instructing children in grades K-3 on age-inappropriate topics, including radical gender ideology, and stresses the importance of informing parents (and not to withhold information) when making decisions about the welfare of a child.

This last part of the law is essential. Grooming involves fostering a relationship with a child for the purpose of making that relationship sexual. This is usually to gain the trust of parents to allow unsupervised access to their child. Groomers will select vulnerable children, provide them with special treatment and attention, and encourage them to maintain secrecy from their parents. This confuses and desensitizes the child so they will be less likely to report the abuse when it starts.

Even if an educator’s intent is not to commit sexual abuse, to encourage children to keep secrets from their parents, to deliberately prevent parents from being kept informed of their students’ development, and to teach young children sexual subjects should be considered as the preparation of a political nature. I can’t imagine why people would otherwise be so invested in talking to children about their personal identity and introducing them to unscientific ideological concepts such as “non-binary” and “transfluid”.

Homosexuals have faced harmful and unfounded stereotypes regarding the propensity for pedophilia, and critics of Florida’s new law are quick to remind us of this. But supporters of this law have never suggested that anti-grooming efforts were intended to target gay people.

This amalgamation by critics, combined with the force-feeding of radical indoctrination under the guise of promoting acceptance of young LGBT people, is compounding an already growing backlash that will hurt gender and sexual minorities. Erroneous claims that sexual abuse stems from power and privilege act as a distraction instead of offering solutions to end child sexual abuse.

Why on earth would an adult want to talk about sexuality to other people’s children, especially if it’s without parental consent? The fact that this debate should continue tells parents all they need to know. And educators who have nothing to hide have no reason to be defensive.

Dr Debra Soh
is a sex neuroscientist, the host of Dr. Debra Soh’s Podcast, and the author of The End of Gender: Debunking Myths About Gender and Identity in Our Society.


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