Opinion: Women should not be hampered by the stereotype of society


The eyes of society have seen a trend developing in women’s style and clothing as more and more women have started to choose outfits to their liking, however, clothing analysis is still growing on women. that do not follow the traditional stereotype.

In the 1930s, women were forced to be “well covered” without excessively exposed skin, any violation will be considered irregularities and a lack of self-respect. Most of them did not have a choice of clothes or the freedom to wear, because their roles in society were determined as housekeepers for their men. These maxi dresses weren’t just covering their shape, but rather a hue that blocks the way to find their true desire and soul.

This “trend” lasts about 20 years until this quote expressed by Marilyn Monroe: “The body is meant to be seen, not all covered. ”

The short sentence seems to awaken the potential seeds within the majority part of the female population who were almost used to being silent about what they really want. Monroe changed the attitude of society towards sexuality.

As more and more people began to intimidate, “storms” repeatedly occurred – women with short skirts and stripes were considered reckless due to the saying of a high likelihood of being. victim of sexual assault. But do we really understand the real causes of sexual assault?

Some of you may be aware that there is an art exhibit by Jen Brockman that shows the clothes survivors wore during their sexual assault, such as a tank top, bikini, miniskirt, even. long pants and sweatshirts.

The exhibition is called “What Were You Wearing”, it contains 18 stories of violence which are reflected by the different clothes hanging on the wall. Yes, various, not just swimwear and shorts. Almost all types of clothing can be found in the exhibit, including a little girl’s summer dress, it sounds amazing, but this is what really happened in the society we have lived in – all of them. the ages have the potential danger of being the victim. Therefore, founder Brockman came to the conclusion that It is not the clothes that cause the sexual violence, it is the person who causes the harm.

According to the exhibit’s message, clothing is no excuse for abusers to hurt women physically and mentally. Instead, people should purify the dark side of human nature in order to reduce this kind of tragedy.

I’m not saying all girls should be sexy and wear less, my goal is to encourage women and girls to follow their hearts and not be afraid to express their fashion styles because fashion can be diverse . However, having the knowledge of self-protection is necessary, we can never foresee the danger, but being able to get up and run away will be the best prevention. Women should never be framed by certain standards, but rather make the choices for themselves.


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