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LISBON, Portugal (AP) – Portugal’s parliament on Friday approved four bills that enshrine the country’s rules and procedures for donating blood into law, as people are being turned away because of their sexual orientation.

The Portuguese Constitution prohibits discrimination based on a person’s sexual orientation, and discrimination in blood donation has been specifically prohibited in Portugal since 2010.

But some health workers have reportedly refused to accept gay and bisexual donors, saying their sexual behavior puts them at increased risk for communicable diseases.

The ruling center-left Socialist Party said it had received reports of discrimination, in particular from gay men who went to donate blood at health services but were told they could not. not – even if the rules say they can.

His bill, which will now come into force, states that health services “may not discriminate between donors on the basis of their gender identity or sexual orientation.”

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Three other bills said the same thing, but with additional details such as donor campaigns and donor rewards.

Sanctions for any discrimination would fall under Portuguese criminal law and may vary depending on the charges laid, although the most likely sanction would be a fine or suspension.

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