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“Super straight” sexuality tries to take hold in the LGBTQ community while poking fun at the oppression the community has faced to get to where it is today.

The problem is, “super straight” sex was created to discriminate against the transgender community, making them feel more isolated than they already do.

While claiming to be a movement that represents a new sexual orientation, “super straight” is an identity for cisgender people (a person whose sense of personal identity and gender matches their birth sex) who are “so straight. That they cannot and will. never be attracted to a transgender person.

This “sexual orientation” is also used by cisgender people who don’t see transgender people as their preferred gender, which is extremely transphobic.

While not wanting to date a particular person who happens to be transgender is not necessarily transphobic, what is transphobic is not wanting to date someone just because they happen to be. is transgender.

The term “super straight” also gives the impression that a straight person with any attraction to a transgender person makes them “somewhat homosexual” – as if being “really straight” could not include being attracted to or to continue a relationship with someone who identifies as transgender.

The phrase ‘super straight’ was recently coined by TikTok user @KyleRoyce, who claims people couldn’t call him transphobic for refusing to date transgender women and refusing to recognize them as women, because he had decided that “super straight” is a new “sexuality” which must be respected.

Whether or not ‘super straight’ individuals support transgender people or not, this label is still very unnecessary, as it is simply a dating preference – and a preference for cisgender people is by no means unique or not. normative since the “normal” and preferred sexuality in society is heterosexual.

“Super straight” sexuality is just a more hateful version of the flaw judged by society.

Transgender people, who already tend to experience significant harassment on social media platforms because of their gender identity, are now also facing comments littered with black and orange ‘super straight’ emojis, sparking more people. hatred and problems for the transgender community.

TikTok users added the black and orange square emojis to their bio – just as many LGBTQ users include the gay pride flag emoji in theirs – and laughed at an important LGBTQ rite of passage by creating fake “coming out” videos.

They used the black and orange emojis because the “super right” flag is black and orange, which are ironically the same colors as the logo for the dating app Grindr, which is used for LGBTQ dating.

No one is forced to date or have relationships with transgender people, but it is wrong to organize an identity and movement around their exclusion on the sole basis of their gender identity.

Every identity is technically “valid”, as long as it is true for the person claiming it. But if your sexuality is based on not wanting to date or have sex with transgender people just because they are transgender, then your identity is truly transphobic.

Charlee Crosby is in grade 12 at Warwick High School.

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