RAF: the virtue of racism


Western civilization regularly boasts of being the most “progressive” and “intellectually advanced” society in existence. A society, it seems, that embraces racism, discriminates by gender while unable to define it, and sees ruthless censorship as a way to preserve “the greater good.”

In other words, the West has taken on a flavor of democracy with authoritarian and collectivist characteristics.

There are many examples of ethical decay in our society. Praise of “Black Power” is where racial hypocrisy is used to “avenge” perceived sins of the past by persecuting a generation of people who share a similar skin color. Imagine if “White Power” groups were created within companies and universities. Nor are these groups benign ideological chatter, where intellectuals sit around college campuses and rewrite history under the close watch of curmudgeon communists. Black Power groups such as Black Lives Matter have burned down city blocks, assaulted people because of their race, ransacked thousands of stores, and resulted in the deaths of more than a dozen people in America, all while engaging in acts of cultural genocide against history.

Racism and sexism in hiring practices are bad in any industry, but they are especially dangerous when the job is tied to the defense of the nation.

Adding to this pile of racist ideology (better suited to bygone centuries), the Royal Air Force (RAF) in the UK has frozen the hiring of ‘white’ personnel – especially men – saying it wants focus on hiring women and ethnic minorities.

Air Chief Marshal Sir Mike Wigston was immediately accused of being prepared to ‘compromise UK security at a time of growing threats from Russia and China’.

Which is correct. The West does not live in a post-war utopia of eternal world peace – it teeters on the brink of external and internal disaster where rising communist superpowers in Asia and Europe seek to partner with theocratic regimes of the world Arabic to turn the tide. balance of power in favor of authoritarianism. At the same time, Western governments behave like collectivist Bowerbirds, hacking away at the worst aspects of Marxism and trying to weave them into the nest of democracy.

‘I think that he [Air Chief Marshal Sir Mike Wigston] has to be hoisted by the Ministry of Defense and said: this is the defense agenda, go for it,” a defense source said.

If the object is the “defence of the country”, the only the criterion that counts is capacity. That’s it. I am a woman and would prefer to see 100% male servicemen if it meant they were the strongest and most able members of the RAF. Why? Because if we hire on the basis of “inclusiveness” and “diversity” above capacity – there won’t be a country left after the first firefight.

A senior officer serving as head of recruiting, with more courage and morality than the upper echelons of the RAF, tendered her resignation in protest, saying such ridiculous hiring practices called into question the fighting force of the RAF. She added that the RAF was trying to hire using ‘impossible’ diversity targets as part of its policy.

Instead of hiring pilots by having them stand next to a paint board to assess their color, the RAF could focus on paying its existing pilots more money to prevent them from being poached by the private industry.

It was previously reported that there had been a shocking 65% drop in demand for trainees for the fast Typhoon jets due to the ‘operational tempo’ which is now being blamed on the war in Ukraine, despite the crisis being talked about for two years. A more credible cause is the reduction in defense funding which saw its frontline fighter squadrons shrink from 30 in 1990 to 7.

This is madness.

Asked about the attempt to attract desperately needed pilots, an RAF spokesman said:

“Our people are our greatest asset, and we are committed to attracting and retaining the best and brightest talent to meet current and future threats.”

Surely they mean “the most diverse and inclusive quotas”?

A spokesperson for Rishi Sunak released a statement scorning the RAF:

“The only thing that should matter in recruiting is your character content, not your gender or skin color. The Defense Secretary would allow Britain’s security to be potentially endangered by a campaign for so-called ‘diversity’, it’s not just shameful, it’s dangerous.

According to the RAF, they are not an “air force”, they are “a force for inclusion”.

RAF website

The front page of their site isn’t dedicated to engineering feats, the defense of the UK, or even the sheer thrill of buzzing through the skies in multi-million dollar planes – that’s a long rambling on their virtue.

Diversity and inclusion:

The nature of the RAF means that we live and operate in close-knit communities where we rely on each other for support. The Royal Air Force family is rich in diversity and culture, and it is important that we value and respect everyone, regardless of background.

To make sure everyone feels safe and included, we offer a range of services and support to those who need it. This includes staff networks that play a crucial role in promoting change, role models, mentoring circles and coaching. We also provide specific support to those who would benefit – Women, LGBTQ+, Disability, Religion and Creed and Ethnicity.

It includes phrases such as: “We understand that people’s history is important and we continue to review and adjust our uniform rules so that individuals can more easily express their cultural heritage within the forces.”

You wouldn’t know from reading the recruiting page that people sign up to go to war and most likely die if a conflict breaks out. Worse still, this type of Woke nonsense diminishes discipline and directly endangers all members of the RAF if they get into a real heated conflict.

Parliament may have backed down from the diversity and inclusion pledge in the press this week after the racist hiring statement came to light, but it was openly endorsed by the Defense Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2030whose cover letter Gavin Williamson, then Secretary of State, wrote:

“It is only right that our armed forces and our public service reflect the society they exist to defend. In addition to a clear moral case for action, diversity and inclusion are essential to the Defense’s ability to protect the security, stability and prosperity of our nation.

Similarly, the Forward signed by Stephen Lovegrove, Permanent Secretary of the MOD, and Sir Nick Carter, Chief of the Defense Staff, adds: “We strongly believe that diversity and inclusion are essential to achieving the defense task”.

The report states that by 2030 “we want at least 98% of military personnel and public servants to have recorded personal diversity data for ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion/belief and disability”.

What looks awfully like the RAF is collecting human beings according to their categories of victims rather than treating them as qualified individuals.

The appalling policy that saw a “pause” imposed on white male staff is set out on page 18 where it details staff diversity targets by 2030.

RAF Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2030

Its three ambitions for the future are as follows:

  1. Be an inclusive employer.
  2. To be an organization which at all levels appropriately represents British society.
  3. To be recognized as a force for inclusion in society at large.

Clearly missing from this list were “the most fearsome, most trained, most dangerous and most effective fighter pilots in the world capable of defending the United Kingdom against hostile threats”.

It doesn’t matter how many RAF leaders come out and say ‘oh, we’re sorry about that comment’ – the truth is that racism and sexism have been written into the RAF’s 2030 targets and endorsed by the UK Government.

It is a problem of ideology. Diversity and inclusion policies were pushed as a Marxist “struggle” mechanism by power-seeking activists and somehow they worked their way into the RAF. They must be cut from the RAF and the reputation of British Defense restored as a color-blind institution dedicated to the merit of the individual.

If they don’t fix this idiocy, the UK will lose the next war and its people – of all ethnicities and genders – will die, all because the front lines were chosen via quotas.

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