Republicans: Schools violate parents’ rights by teaching children that racism is bad


One of the most dominant characteristics of the modern Republican Party is its love for moral panic over things that (1) aren’t actually happening or (2) are positive developments but which conservatives believe will lead to the downfall of society. Whether they are so-called immigrants take jobs from Americans or paid parental leave transforming fathers into “adoring father”[s]”The GOP has a long history of shamelessly trying to convince people that something very sinister is going on, and only Republicans can save them.

Right now, the famous cause is the idea that the liberals have deprived parents of a say in their children’s education, leading to terrible results like the requirement for children to wear masks in the middle. pandemic, programs that include specific facts about America’s racist past and present, and – and you might want to sit down for this because it’s extremely alarming – tomorrow’s leaders are learning that the Holocaust actually took place.

Of course, here on planet Earth parents have not been robbed of anything. Masks are mandatory in schools where responsible adults want their staff and students to live, while only one state in the country has announcement a vaccination mandate for schools, also in an effort to help keep constituents from getting sick and dying. (In addition, schools were already demanding that students receive a whole series of vaccines long before the arrival of COVID-19). And when it comes to talking about things like slavery, systemic racism, and the Holocaust, parents who oppose it just can’t stand the idea that their children learn that sometimes white people do. bad things. In the meantime, nothing prevents parents from getting involved in their children’s education in a reasonable way – the emphasis is on reasonable – or removing their child from school if that is what they decide to do. to do.

Nevertheless, the conserva have been subject to human rights violations. Here is a funny story of The New York Times:

It was only a few days after Sami Al-Abdrabbuh was re-elected to the Corvallis, Ore., school board as text messages arrived. The first, he said, was a photograph taken at a shooting range. He was showing one of his campaign lawn signs – “Re-Elect Sami” – riddled with bullet holes. The second was a warning from a friend. He said that one of their neighbors was looking for Mr. Al-Abdrabbuh. The neighbor threatened to kill him.

Like many school board races this year, May’s in Corvallis, a left-wing college town in the state’s northwest corner, was particularly controversial, swirling around concerns not only about the coronavirus pandemic but also the teaching what Mr. Al-Abdrabbuh called the “dark history” of America’s struggle against race. Even months later, Mr. Al-Abdrabbuh, the chairman of the school board, is still taking precautions. He talks to the police regularly and scans his driveway in the morning before heading to his car. He often confuses his daily commute to work. “I love being on the school board,” he said. “But I don’t want to die for this.”

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