Sergio Perez ‘not taken seriously’ after ‘lazy Mexican’ stereotype


Sergio Perez believes he was ‘not taken seriously’ in F1 due to being Mexican.

Perez has been questioned at times this year due to the margin between him and his two-time champion teammate Max Verstappen.

When asked if he had felt any prejudice or persecution towards her, Perez replied, “No, nothing like that.

“But I felt like sometimes you’re not taken seriously. Sometimes people say, ‘Well, he’s just a Mexican and he’s lazy [because of] its culture’ and so on.

“It’s like, just because you’re Mexican, you’re not able to compete with the best people in the world and sometimes I felt that, especially in the early years.

“But on the other hand, it’s always good to prove that anyone can be up there.”

Perez concedes difficulties for Latin drivers

It can be taken for granted that no driver ends an F1 career without enduring a difficult period where results are hard to come by.

But Perez echoed comments previously made by Fernando Alonso by suggesting that Latin drivers came under the microscope more quickly than their European counterparts.

“Any time you have a bad race or a little bad run, like any other driver, you can see that with the Latin drivers you can hear a little more criticism where there has only been few races. It’s not like a year has passed,” added Perez.

“You see with other drivers that they have similar issues and we hardly talk about it.

“Sometimes I’ve felt that throughout my career and I also think it was worth pointing out.

“But at the same time, that’s the beauty of our sport, to have that with the media. We’re a big sport and as a sportsman you always get that kind of motivation here and there.

“Absolutely nothing more than that.”


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