Social support as a mediator of anti-bisexual stigma and symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder


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J Dissociation of trauma. 2021 3: 1-16. doi: 10.1080 / 15299732.2021.1989107. Online ahead of print.


Among sexual minorities, bisexual people have higher rates of victimization and symptoms of PTSD than their lesbian and gay peers as well as heterosexual people. Despite these disparities, little work has examined the factors contributing to symptoms of PTSD in bisexual adults. The present study examined associations between bisexual-specific minority stress and PTSD symptoms in a sample of adults with a bisexual orientation and tested social support as a potential mediator of this association. Participants were 488 adults (378 cisgender women, 49 cisgender men, 61 transgender people), aged 18 to 66, with a bisexual orientation based on identity and / or attraction to multiple genders. Greater anti-bisexual stigma was associated with greater symptoms of PTSD (?? = 0.16) and lower social support (?? = -0.16), while taking into account socio-demographic factors and victimization based on gender identity. Social support was associated with reduced symptoms of PTSD (?? = -0.25), while taking into account socio-demographic data, victimization based on gender identity and anti-bisexual prejudices. Mediation analyzes indicated that anti-bisexual stigma was indirectly associated with greater PTSD symptoms through weaker social support. Addressing bisexual-specific minority stress and its role in diminishing social support for bisexual people is an essential part of the research and development of trauma-informed interventions in the bisexual community.

PMID:34727837 | DO I:10.1080 / 15299732.2021.1989107


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