Superman fans laugh at State Senator’s tweet about hero’s sexuality



An Arizona state senator was hotly questioned and mocked for a hilarious and ignorant tweet about Superman’s sexuality.

Warning! Potential spoilers for Superman: Son of Kal-El # 5 by DC Comics

In an incredible moment for DC Comics and representation in the comics, the publisher revealed Jon kent is bisexual and that an upcoming issue will feature a same-sex relationship between Superman and journalist Jay Nakamura. While the reaction to the news has been overwhelmingly positive, some people have decided to weigh in with ignorance, including Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers, who has been called in for her hilarious misinterpretation of the trending topic.

Jon Kent is the new Superman of the DC Universe, taking over when his father Clark Kent left the planet to travel to Warworld. DC Comics revealed on Monday that Superman: Son of Kal-El # 5 that the new Superman is going to start a romance with Jay Nakamura. The reporter is a new character in the Superman mythos, as he introduced him as a reporter for “The Truth”, an online news organization. What started out as a friendship will turn into a relationship, as Kent and Namakura begin a relationship in the fifth issue of the series.

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On Twitter, the U.S. senator tweeted her reaction to the news about Jon Kent’s sexuality. In the tweet, Rogers wrote that Superman loved “Louis Lane” and Hollywood was trying to make him gay, when he isn’t. She added that they should rename him “Thooperman” so that people can “know the difference and avoid seeing it.” Now, obviously, Rogers is confusing Jon and his father, the original Superman, Clark Kent. And while Lois Lane had a brother in the heyday of comics named Louis, she is probably referring to Lois and not “Louis.” Calling Superman seems like an unfortunate use of the “gay lisp” stereotype. Plus, even though Rogers wanted to talk about Jon Kent, he’s not gay, he’s bi. The tweet is hilarious full of misinformation.

Obviously, Rogers has been called out by a number of people across the Twitter sphere. Hundreds of users reported his misspelling, be wrong about the Superman in question, the fact that Jon Kent is the son of Lois Lane and not her lover, and using an insult.

For those who might think that Wendy Rogers is actually a Superman fan, she never tweeted about the hero until sending the tweet reaction to Jon Kent News. It almost seems like she might have an ulterior motive for being reactionary on the news in the comic book world. Either way, Rogers is very poorly informed of the situation. Maybe the next time she decides to react to a topical moment involving a comic book character like Jon Kent’s. Superman, she does even a little bit of research first.

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