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Derby + beer + dress ups

Is there anything better than roller derby, beer, and dress ups?

Why yes, actually, there is.

It’s roller derby, beer, dress ups, and an art auction to support a great charity.

My derby gang, the Inner West Roller Derby League, has teamed up with Young Henrys brewery to do some pretty cool stuff this year, and this is the first:

Young Henrys, Inner West Roller Derby League, Jackie Onassis

Young Henrys and the Inner West Roller Derby League put the FUN in fundraiser. (Yeah, ok, that was pretty bad.)

Local artists are donating work to be auctioned, with all proceeds going to Dress for Success, a not-for-profit group offering professional outfits and interview training for women who can’t just go out and buy these things.

The exhibition is this Saturday, from 12pm at Young Henrys brewery (76 Wilford St, Newtown). The auction starts at 5pm. We had some fun last night with the gorgeous Hellcat in a frock, pearls and skates, and one of the photos will be in the auction.

And then the after party is at the Union Hotel in Newtown from 7pm. There’ll be a prize for the best Jackie Onassis outfit, as well as a raffle to support the league.

Here’s the facebook invite.

Come along, buy some art, drink some craft beer, and meet a bunch of fucking fabulous people who have brought so much fun to my life.

Kyle Sandilands, I am laughing at you

Kyle Sandilands, I am laughing my arse off at you.

I am laughing at you because instead of doing the smart, media savvy thing of using your radio show to say “hey, our next tv show is going to be waaaay better”, the only thing your pathetic little brain could do was act like a petulant little child and go “waaaaah, someone reported that the audience abandoned my show and so I’m going to say rude words”.

I am laughing at you because we all know the insults you use towards women – fat, ugly, slag, troll – reveal to everyone how you think about yourself.

I am laughing at you because only someone with the sexual immaturity of a 12-year-old would use the word “titties”.

I am laughing at you because you think that acting like an arsehole makes you “controversial”. It doesn’t. It just makes you look like you’re trying really hard to be controversial and there are few things more pathetic than that.

I am laughing at you because you think that giving journos photos of yourself posing with attractive women half your age who obviously have no interest in you, makes you look cool. It doesn’t. It makes you look like you don’t have any friends who want to hang out with you.

I am laughing at you because every time I see your heavily-photoshopped face on the side of a bus stop, I point and laugh, and the strangers around me laugh at you too.

I am laughing at you because those pictures always get defaced. By other people who are laughing at you.

I am laughing at you because you’re a coward who bullies women, and every time you do it, the rest of us think that you were probably bullied in school. You were probably atomic wedgied on a daily basis. It would explain a lot. (Update: This point was to say he’s a coward and a bully and to create a mental image of Sandilands being wedgied. However, as readers have pointed out, I have sided with the bullies and laughed as they hurt someone. I have offended people and I am sorry for that. Please accept my apology.)

I am laughing at you because we all know that if you weren’t a “celebrity” then you’d never get to see a vagina.

I am laughing at you because you think that driving around talking to prostitutes makes you look cool and like you’re doing edgy tv. It doesn’t. It’s been done before – by people with talent – and so it just makes you look sad and unoriginal. Dude, it’s 2011, get with the program.

I am laughing at you because you look so uneasy in your own skin, like you expect us all to suddenly say “naah, we’re just fucking with you. We made you a celebrity as a joke and this whole time we’ve all been laughing our arses off at you because you actually believed we liked you, ha, ha, what a loser”.

I am laughing at you because you think that threatening to hunt a woman down makes you sound powerful, but it doesn’t. It makes you look like a coward who hits women.

But what I am not laughing about is that, yet again, Jackie O, who giggles as Sandilands spits his misogynist nonsense, will get off scot free. Honey, you’re just as bad as he is.

Update: Thanks to @katedoak for sending me this: “Sandilands and his co-host just laughed off a caller who answered a strange competition by suggesting a “tranny” be drugged, killed and buried”. The pair of them are fucking disgusting.

Haven’t we had enough of Kyle Sandilands?

I don’t usually resort to name calling – particularly online – but Kyle Sandilands has served up such a massive helping of pot-calling-the-kettle-black that I can’t stay away.

This morning on his show (and it is his show, they’re not fooling anyone by calling it the Kyle and Jackie O Show), he said of Magda Szubanski: “You put her in a concentration camp and you watch the weight fall off … like she could be skinny.”

What an arsehat. Where would you be without your airbrushing, Kyle? You’d be here: photos of Kyle Sandilands.

It’s pretty unfair of News.com.au to use an old photo of Magda in the story.

Update September 9: Kyle Sandilands has been suspended again. 2Day FM acted quickly over this one (unlike last time):

“2Day FM believes the comments made by Kyle were unacceptable and sincerely apologises and regrets any offence they caused,” a statement from Austereo said.

Ah, silly me

Kyle Sandilands thinks he was helping the mother of the teenage girl:

“It was unfortunate that lie detector went south, it really was. But the whole reason that mum came on here in the first place was because she was a single mum that was worried sick about her daughter and she had no where else to turn and she didn’t know where else to turn and what to do. She really was at her wits end. And, you know, the reason we took ourselves off air…we weren’t suspended, we weren’t fired, we weren’t anything…we took ourselves off air because we wanted the story to die down because at the end of the day it was a girl, it was a teenage girl, and we didn’t want her to have any more distress than what was already caused. No else gave a shit did they?”

Here I was thinking that he and Jackie O strapped a scared girl to a polygraph machine and asked her about sex for the titillation of their audience.

I wish I’d said that

Rachel Hills has written a great piece for the Dawn Chorus about how the public reactions to Kyle and Jackie O and Matthew Johns says a lot about how we treat people who have been raped. There is still this disgusting public attitude that if a woman isn’t a virgin, then clearly she’s a dirty slut and is only making it up. I work in a newsroom where a story about the rape of a male is considered far more newsworthy than the rape of a female, instead of it being an horrific experience regardless of which hole is violated.

Anyway, this post is “I wish I’d said that” and John Birmingham on his Brisbane Times blog said it perfectly:
In what moral universe does interrogating an underage girl about her sexual history, while she’s hooked up to a polygraph and sitting in front of a live microphone, strike anyone as anything other the basest, most grotesque and abusive form of media exploitation imaginable?

Kyle and Jackie O haven’t been punished

If you didn’t see Media Watch last night, make sure you watch it online. Don’t just read the transcript. I had no idea how revolting the Kyle and Jackie O show is.

But one thing is still bothering me. Their radio show wasn’t suspended by 2Day’s management – it’s off the air because Kyle’s management told 2Day that he was “unable to work” and then 2Day decided they couldn’t have the Kyle and Jackie O show with only Jackie O, so that’s why it’s “in recess”. 2Day hasn’t punished them at all.

And when I read in the SMH today that Kyle earns $3.8 million a year, I vomited a little in my mouth.

Kyle’s a wanker, literally

As Melinda Tankard Reist points out in today’s Online Opinion, the pathetic excuses given by Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O for asking an underage girl about sex and drugs on live radio are hollow:

Jackie O said the team never intended to stage a “sick stunt”.
“There is no way we would want to go down that path or put that girl in that situation …” she said.
But Jackie, you did put her in that situation.

And then Kyle Sandilands went crying “oh poor me, the media is out to get me”. Oh, boo hoo. Take some responsibility, you big baby.

Not being a fan of 2Day FM or Kyle and Jackie O, I wasn’t aware that the polygraph machine had been used before. Tankard Reist says it’s been used to quiz people about STDs, masturbation, anal sex, threesomes, and eating shit during sex. Classy.

But this bit is my favourite:
On May 6 this year, Kyle and his male radio announcer buddies (in a show syndicated around the country) held a competition in the station office to see who could masturbate the fastest and who had the largest sperm count.
With armloads of porn, they were sent to cordoned off toilets. One of the players returned and wiped his “sticky” hand through Jackie’s hair.

Now I’m not surprised they thought asking a minor about sex would be entertaining.