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He’s, like, the BEST DAD EVAHHH

Hey look, another post about dads. Although, it’s not really about dads and more about hyperbole.

This is on the SMH homepage (which is how I saw it because, not being a parent, I don’t visit parenting sites):

Jason Lee photo of kids

Taping your kids to the wall is pretty funny

ManFriend showed me the picture on the weekend, so I clicked on it today hoping there’d be other photos of children taped to things. It’s proof of the saying I’m trying to make catch on, that today’s funny photo/video on twitter is tomorrow’s news story. (And no, it’s not about Jason Lee and Pilot Inspektor – which is quite possibly one of the best names ever.)

But check out the headline: Best dad ever takes adorable, crazy photos of daughters.

Now, this is not a criticism of Jason Lee. I’m sure he’s a pretty good parent, because most parents are pretty good parents. It’s a criticism of the headline written by an unnamed journalist. I mean, really, taking photos of your children makes you the BEST DAD EVER? Holy bajoley, what an easy gig Best Dad Ever is. I look forward to a similar article about how a woman who made dinner for her kids is the BEST MUM EVER.

Mind you, Essential Kids is also featuring a creepy gallery of photos to “celebrate” Suri Cruise’s 6th birthday – photos taken by photographers who harass the family whenever they leave the house; photographers who make money by selling images taken without the parents’ consent – so I shouldn’t really expect too much of the site.