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I hate romcoms. They’re dull and cliched and make me feel like there’s a conspiracy to present women in the worst light possible. I don’t know anyone who acts like the women in romcoms. And the comedy bit is a complete misnomer.

Hadley Freeman has a great opinion piece in The Guardian about how bad The Ugly Truth and The Proposal are – two films produced by women that still humiliate women. It’s worth clicking through just to see the photo of Katherine Heigl.

While I accept that there aren’t many roles around for female actors over the age of 30, I don’t think it’s purely a problem for women. Most of the young male actors don’t make it further than a couple of teen flicks. Think of all the kids in the spoof films – most of them won’t be getting Oscars. Ever. What about the boys from 1999’s American Pie? A few of them played the same characters in a few almost-identical films, but that’s about it. Apart from Seann William Scott who is making a living playing Stifler in lots of films.

Bear with me, I’m not getting all ‘oh, poor men, they’re so hard done by’.

Romcoms illustrate perfectly that Hollywood doesn’t know what to do with 30-40 year olds. For women in their early 30s, it’s their last chance to “be sexy” before Hollywood says they’re desperate cougars (god, I hate that term). For men, unless they’re action heroes, they’re just the love interest of the neurotic woman in a romcom. Until they age a bit more and then get to have fresh young 20-somethings as their completely plausible – cough, cough – love interest.

Sam Brett’s steaming pile of poo

I normally ignore SMH blogger Samantha Brett, with her Sam in the City blog – gee, what an original name – but this time I have to comment because it’s a big pile of steaming poo. (Although maybe all her posts are piles of steaming poo and I don’t notice because I don’t read them?)

Her topic is ‘Why people get married’ and she starts by quoting lightweight actor Katherine Heigl – don’t get me started on how Knocked Up was complete rubbish – and her idea that once women hit 30 they panic and want to get married. Since Brett doesn’t offer any other comment on this, I assume she agrees.

But ABS stats show she’s wrong: in 2007, the average age of marriage for women was 27.6 and for men was 29.6. It’s certainly doesn’t point to women panicking down the aisle at 30.

Besides, it’s dishonest for someone in a long-term relationship to pretend to be a “single gal” and tell other women what to do when it comes to love and sex.

Her blog does have a community service function, however. If you meet this guy, run a mile:

“Blokes, don’t marry these Sydney party girls. If they’re 30, their most likely damaged/used goods unless they came out of a convent. Basically, most of them are a fuck and chuck. If the guy is over 30 and he wants to start a family, then do it with a young 20 something, not a loosened up 30 year old.

Posted by: John Segal on July 28, 2009 1:40 AM”

What a charmer.